95 Quotes about Not Taking Life for Granted to Inspire You to Be Thankful

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Every morning, you wake up, go to school, chat with friends, eat, sleep, and all the other things that might be part of our day. Yet most of us never take the time to think about our life and what we’ve got. For instance, most of you may be afraid to come to school to learn, but many people out there in the world would do anything to get an education. The same goes for the clothes you wear and the shelter you have over your head.

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Never Taking Life for Granted Quotes

A lot of people pray for these basic things you are enjoying and taking for granted. We should never take our freedom as a gift from someone. Instead, we should respect them and value them. Here are some quotes telling how vital gratitude is and how bad taking things for granted can be:

1. “Life is a blessing, don’t take it for granted.”

2. “Not every day will have a tomorrow.”

3. “Things you take for granted might be blessings for others.”

4. “Respect your blessings. You won’t have them always.”

5. “Nothing is permanent.”

6. “Don’t take things for granted.”

7. “Keep smiling, don’t take things for granted.”

8. Life is full of blessings.”

9. “When it comes to living, the important thing is that you take things for granted or with appreciation.”

10. “Live and smile, never take things for granted.”

11. Never take something for granted today; tomorrow is not promising.”

12. “Appreciate your blessings.”

13. “Find happiness in life; the simple sense of life is joy enough.”

14. “Things never stay the same. Stop taking them for granted.”

15. “The things that deserve gratitude are being taken for granted.”

16. “Often, you’ll never know the true meaning of a moment before it becomes a story.”

17. “Enjoy little moments of your life.”

18. “The best way to remember life is to experience all that it has to offer fully.”

19. “Be thankful for your blessings.”

20. “Start taking things in your life seriously.”

21. “Don’t take people for granted.”

22. “Tomorrow is never promising.”

23. “Be thankful for every minute of your life.”

24. “Be thankful for your house you live in.”

25. “Be grateful to all the luxuries you are enjoying without even asking.”

26. “Be grateful for what you are today.”

27. “Gratitude is the most precious flower that comes from the spirit.”

28. “Don’t get too comfortable with your blessings.”

29. “Gratitude is a powerful stimulus to happiness.”

30. “Don’t take your people for granted.”

31. “Work hard and don’t take things for granted.”

32. “Try to realize how blessed you are.”

33. “Sometimes people forget how grateful they are and start taking things for granted.”

34. “Appreciate what you have.”

35. “Appreciation is the key to success.”

36. “Don’t be too nice people will start taking you for granted.”

37. “If you will start taking things for granted, you will lose them.”

38. “Fulfill your responsibilities.”

39. “Make every day the most beautiful day of your life.”

40. “Waking every morning is a blessing, don’t take it for granted.”

41. “Love yourself every moment; don’t take yourself for granted.”

42. “Everything can change in one second, don’t take things for granted.”

43. “Promise yourself that you will be thankful and will not take things for granted.”

44. “Don’t take even one day for granted, and with all the ups and downs. Look at the little things and appreciate the ones you claim.”

45. “Don’t take your life and your people for granted.”

46. “Taking things for granted won’t benefit you.”

47. “Everything can go away in one second.”

48. “Think about people who don’t have anything.”

49. “Your basics things are blessings for some people.”

50. “Everything has an expiry date.”

51. “Taking people for granted will make you lose them.”

52. “Be grateful because you don’t have problems as others.”

53. “The more grateful you will be, the greater blessings you will get”

54. “being thankful and showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet greatest feelings.”

55. “Gratitude is the acknowledgment of things that are not warranted, received or requested – the positive stuff that we take for granted.”

56. “Gratitude is a currency we can create for ourselves and invest without the fear of debt.”

57. “Noble souls know how important gratitude is”

58. “Being grateful will turn what you have into more.”

59. “Gratitude is the sparkle of joy in you.”

60. “Gratitude makes you joyful.’

61. “Gratitude is the most beautiful form of kindness.”

62. “To have a cheerful life start taking things with gratitude.”

63. “Be grateful at your high time and graceful at your low.”

64. “Stop regretting and be thankful for what you.”

65. “The more grateful you are, the more reward you will get.”

66. “Having a grateful heart is an honorable thing.”

67. “Have a great heart, noble soul, and grateful mind.”

68. “Be grateful to the people who respect you.”

69. “Be thankful for everything in your life.”

70. “Never stop believing”

71. “People who keep trying to achieve happiness.”

72. “Every experience you face teaches you something.”

73. “Be grateful to what you have every time you wake.”

74. “The more grateful you will be; the greater blessing you will get”

75. “Be grateful for the food you have.”

76. “Be thankful even for the little things you have.”

77. “Gratitude is like a cloak, and it will be there for you always.”

78. “Not everyone has the blessings you have, so be grateful.”

79. “Don’t take your opportunities for granted.”

80. “Taking things for granted will make you lose them.”

81. “Un-appreciation causes destruction.”

82. “You got sick but didn’t die so, be thankful.”

83. “Be grateful for not living on streets and eating remaining food.”

84. “Gratitude liberates us from self-preoccupation.”

85. “Life is beautiful.”

86. “Complaining soul can’t find comfort in anything.”

87. “Express sincere gratitude to people.”

88. “Take the time in understanding and respect the people around you and appreciate those who make your life happy.”

89. “The highest contribute is gratitude, not grief to the dead people.”

90. “Don’t forget the things you have while asking for the new one.”

91. “Gratitude is the bridge to the blessings.”

92. “One sincere gratitude can take away all your disappointments.”

93. “True gratitude will be visible in your eyes.”

94. “True gratitude comes from the heart, not from the mind.”

95. “Be grateful for today. Tomorrow is not promising.”


it’s convenient to take your life for granted, and, to be fair, many of us do it regularly. However, once the disaster happens, we tend to see our lives in a completely different light. That’s why you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. It’s one of the most realistic quotes on the planet.

Instead of worrying about things you don’t have, try to appreciate all that life has given you. And, whenever you are feeling sad, just read these quotes about not taking life for granted. They’re supposed to get you back to the right path!