150+ Impressive You Are Beautiful Quotes for Her

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Sometimes women forget how beautiful and precious creatures they are. The harsh words and rude attitude of society make them think unworthy of anything. They think they are nothing but trash. Here are some quotes to let all beautiful women know how precious they are;

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‘You Are Beautiful’ Quotes and Sayings for Her

1. “You are perfect and lovely and beautiful however you are.”

2. “You have to be ugly to be beautiful.”

3. “No picture can express the beauty, and that’s the best part.”

4. “You are beautiful the way you are.’

5. “Thin, curvy, short, tall, you are beautiful either way.”

6. “You are beautiful, and you know that!”

7. “It is the soul that describes your beauty, not the face.”

8. “The real beauty lies within the soul.”

9. “White, black, brown every color makes you look prettier.”

10. “Whenever I see you, I see sunshine.”

11. “Beauty is a women’s greatest asset.”

12. “Truth and honesty make you more beautiful.”

13. “Classy and fabulous are the two things a girl should be”

14. “Beauty lies within everything, but no one sees it.”

15. “Your faults makes you prettier.”

16. “Woman is god’s most beautiful creature.”

17. “Your eyes glow brighter than the moon and stars.”

18. “You are enough.”

19. “Every smiling face is beautiful.”

20. “Your imperfection makes you look pretty.”

21. “As soon as you decide to be you. you become beautiful.”

22. “Love and kindness are the roots of beauty.”

23. “Beauty lies in the heart,”

24. “Beauty is the act of creation.”

25. ‘Be kind. It looks makes you more beautiful.”

26. “Be happy it looks prettier.”

27. “Beauty lies in simplicity.”

28. “Folly and beauty are companions.”

29. “Tell people they are beautiful.”

30. “Be strong. Be fearless. Be you”

31. “Stay the way you are.”

32. “Being a freak is unique.”

33. “Don’t let others judge your beauty.”

34. “Your scars are your weapon.”

35. “Sometimes people are beautiful not the way they look, but the way they speak.”

36. “Carry grace with beauty, or you’ll be a hook without a bait.”

37. “Beauty is gazing oneself in the mirror.”

38. “You are beautiful at six, at sixteen, at sixty.”

39. “Your age does not define your beauty.”

40. “Gratitude is the art of essence of all beautiful art.”

41. “Be a flower, blossom for your own joy.”

42. “Love yourself.”

43. ‘Believe in yourself.”

44. “The way you carry yourself in hardships define you.”

45. “Be proud of how you look and what you are.”

46. “Your weight does not define you.”

47. “Once you start to love yourself, everyone will love you.”

48. “Don’t let people judge you.”

49. “Don’t give a damn about what people say.”

50. “Be brave.”

51. “Outer beauty may attract people, but your inner beauty captivates you.”

52. Beauty is internal. not external.”

53. “If you have a pretty face and you are rude to people, you are ugly.”

54. “Your smile is your weapon.”

55. “Real beauty is seen by the heart, not the eyes.”

56. “Stay positive. It will reflect your inner beauty.”

57. “Beauty increases with time.”

58. “The way you laugh, it looks you prettier.”

59. “You are as pretty as a rose.”

60. “Don’t let makeup decrease your beauty.”

61. “Your attitude reflects your beauty.”

62. “Everyone is surrounded by beauty; all we have to do is see with our heart.”

63. “Beauty lies in every person.”

64. “Everyone looks pretty in their own way.”

65. “Everyone has unique qualities.”

66. “World is a beautiful place to live.”

67. “If you are happy, then you are pretty.”

68. “Pretty face and pretty vibes.”

69. “Stay beautiful, stay classy, have an attitude.”

70. “Having a pure heart is rare, don’t lose that quality of yours.”

71. “Keep growing, keep shining.”

72. “Be honest. It makes you look pretty.”

73. “Love the people as you love yourself; it will make you look pretty.’

74. “Don’t ruin your beauty because of people.”

75. “Be simple and generous. It makes you look even prettier.”

76. “Not everyone can see the real beauty.”

77. “Be comfortable in your own skin.”

78. “Your beauty is your weapon.”

79. “Have a shield of attitude to protect your beauty.”

80. “There are saints, then there are satin’s, but they all have one thing common, and that is they all are beautiful in their own way.”

81. “True beauty never fades with time.”

82. “Be a humble person with humble nature; it will make you look pretty.”

83. “Your beauty is like the smell of roses. It stays even after years.”

84. “Pretty eyes, pretty smile, pretty woman.”

85. “You are like a rainbow, made from different colors yet so beautiful.”

86. “Love yourself, be yourself, hold yourself together.”

87. “Be proud of your body. Be proud of your color. Be proud of yourself.

88. “Don’t underestimate your beauty.”

89. “Having inner beauty is a great accomplishment.”

90. “Stay confident. Have determination. Show affection.”

91. “H a personality that everyone adores.”

92. “Good personality and good heart.”

93. “Have both beauty and generosity.”

94. “Tell people they are beautiful; it makes them happy.”

95. “Don’t let people tell you that you are ugly.”

96. “Your eyes spark brighter than stars in the sky.”

97. “The God that made this nature is the same God that made you so love yourself.”

98. “You are from this beautiful nature; how can you be ugly?”

99. “Be bold. Be strong. Be beautiful”

100. “Kindness is the anchor to your beauty.”

101. “No one can create beauty unless you are not beautiful from inside.”

102. “You are beautiful.”

103. “Have a golden heart and a kind soul.”

104. “Confidence and self-love are the best forms of beauty.”

105. “Your actions describe your personality.”

106. “Stay calm. Stay healthy. Stay beautiful”

107. “You are one of your own kind.”

108. “Purify your soul and your mind.”

109. “Don’t compare yourself to others; you are pretty in your unique way.”

110. “Make other people smile; it will enhance your beauty.”

111. “Dance, sing, love, enjoy, the party does what you want to.”

112. “Real beauty comes from the heart and the soul.’

113. “Don’t let fictional characters dull your beauty.”

114. “You can’t be perfect, but you can have a beautiful heart and soul.”

115. “Not everyone can recognize a beautiful heart.”

116. “Truth and honesty are the basic traits of a beautiful person.”

117. “Always see the positive side of others.”

118. “Be the best version of yourself.”

119. “Be eyes are as bright as a lantern.”

120. “Only a beautiful person can find beauty in others’

121. “The light inside you makes you beautiful.”

122. “Your eyes reflect your inner beauty.”

123. “Your self-esteem is your beauty.”

124. “Beauty can never be measured.’

125. “Your weight does not define the level of your beauty.”

126. “Stay strong and bold.”

127. “Beautiful heart and beautiful soul are unique to have”‘

128. “Your smile makes you special.”

129. “Pretty face will turn old, but pretty heart won’t.”

130. “Don’t be judged on your appearances.”

131. “Short hair or long doesn’t matter; they make you look pretty either way.”

132. “Your smile looks gorgeous on you.”

133. “Be classy, slay your style.”

134. “Be graceful; grace never fades.”

135. “True eyes can recognize true beauty.”

136. “You are like a rainbow, beautiful and bright.”

137. “Try to find beauty in the smallest things.”

138. “Have a pure heart.”

139. “Your clothes do not define your beauty, but your behavior does define it.”

140. “Expensive makeup but arrogant behavior won’t make you look prettier.”

141. “Be happy in your darkest time.”

142. “Having confidence in yourself makes you more attractive.”

143. “Believe in yourself. Believe in your beauty.”

144. “Be a diva queen.”

145. “Internal beauty is a gift; not everyone deserves it.”

146. “Pretty face, pretty eyes, pretty person.”

147. “You are amazingly pretty.”

148. “Keep that glam up.”

149. “Glam. Grow. Glow”

150. “Rock that look.”

151. “live the vibe.”

152. “Dance and sing the way you like.”

153. “Beauty is gifted from God.”

154. “You are like flowers; pretty and shining.”

155. “Never lose your shine.”

156. “Don’t let others define you.”

157. ‘Know your value.”

158. “Your attitude makes you look beautiful.”

159. “Don’t let negative people mess you up.”

Final thoughts:

Every woman is pretty and beautiful in their unique way. They have different characteristics from each other, which makes them unique and special in their way. Everyone should respect every person of every color and shape equally.