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Loaded Lux Net Worth; $1-$5 million

Loaded Lux is a battle rapper and entrepreneur in America. He is well-known for his famous album, Beloved 2, in 2015. Loaded Lux is a founder of a battle rap group, Lions Den. In the music industry, he belongs to a fighting rap community. In 2024, Loaded Lux net worth is around $1-$5 million.

He is best known for his lyrics and charisma. He also performed on a lyrical rap as a combat rapper. Along with his rapping, he also released on her rap group Lions Den, Beloved, Beloved 2, Talk Dirty, and Talk Dirty 2, along with the fight against rap.

Biography of Loaded Lux

Name: John Lucks
Professional Name: Loaded Lux
Gender: Male
Birth Place: Harlem, New York
Date of Birth: August 26, 1984
Birthday: August 26
Age: 38 years old
Nationality: American
Height: 5 ft 6 inch
Weight: 76 kg
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Religion: Christianity
Profession: Rapper
Net Worth: $1-$5 million

Early Life and Rapping in Childhood

Loaded Lux was born on August 26, 1984. His birthplace was Harlem, New York, United States of America. His real name is John Lucks. He has been fond of rapping since childhood. He also liked to write and perform raps.

He performed rap battles with many rappers like Murda Mook, Young Miles, and Charlie Chips. He wore a light Grey hoodie when he competed in a rap battle. He participated in the 106 & Park segment Freestyle Friday.

He remained undefeated for seven weeks. He won this segment, and the party invited him to the next segment of 106 & Park Hall of Fame in 2007. In 2007, he competed against a fellow rapper, John Ancrum. Loaded, and Ancrum rejoined again in 2014. His famous and earliest performances started at the beginning of 2000 on the SMACK DVD.

Beginning of Career

Loaded Lux started his professional life at the end of the 2000s. He founded a battle rap group, Lions Den. This group has many famous faces like Arsonal, Tay Roc, K-Shine, and Goodz.

He started to get information about battle rapping and performing with Lionz Den. He made a change in battle rap all over the world. He changed the climate of music with a little effort.

First Battle of Rap

Loaded Lux stopped the battle rap in 2006. After six years, he rejoined the battle rap field in 2012. After returning to this field, his first fight in rap was with Calicoe.

This battle of rap was held at URL Summer Madness 2. He impressed judges and the audience with his willpower in this fight. He received recognition after the battle as a talented MC.

Second Battle of Rap

Loaded Lux did his other battle performance of rap, You Gon Get This Work. He became very popular after the second battle of rap. He has worked with other rappers like Jay-Z and set a rap battle with them commercially.

Appearance on the Stage

Before appearing on the stage, he changed his style of rapping. The lovers and audience liked his grand entry on the stage. It made a tough time for the opponents of the rap battle with him. This fear remained at the end of the rap battle. His opponents remained fearful about his unique and grand entry on the stage.

Battle against Strong Rappers

He competed against famous MCs rappers like Hollow Da Don and Murda Mook in 2014. The name of his battle against Hollow Da was the 2014 Battle of the Year. This year, he battled and lost the battle with Murda Mook.

Rap Battle against Charlie and Arsenal

In 2015, he battled Chalie Clips. It became the most debatable rap battle. He competed in another rap battle at the Alpha N Omega, and his opponent was Arsonal in 2017. He once again appeared in a form in a classic style.

Founder of rap group Loaded Hollow

Loaded Lux created a group with Hollow Da Don, Loaded Hollows in 2019. He battled against Tay Roc and Chess with Hollow. Loaded showed all his inner desires in this battle. He wore his old Grey Hoodie in this battle. He started a battle Grey Hoodie Season.

Albums and Mixtapes

Loaded Lux released two albums, Beloved and Beloved 2. He also released many mixtapes like Hail Goku and You Gon Get This Work.

Loader Lux Net Worth

Loaded Lux is a battle rapper in America. He has formed some battle rap groups. He earns most of his money through his career. His estimated net worth is about $650 thousand.

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