Looking Forward To Some Winter Sun Next Year? Plan It Now

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Now that winter has reared its head in the northern hemisphere, many people in the United States are planning ahead so they can get somewhere balmy next winter. Every year, 93 million international outbound trips are made by Americans, and a huge portion of them go on vacation to sunny destinations when most of the country is experiencing 40°F – 60°F weather.

However, this year is different, and holiday plans, according to the advice of most of the world’s governments, need to be moved to 2021 or the years after. Having something to look forward to is important though, and there’s no reason you can’t start planning now.

Getting Some Winter Sun Down Under

Winter will begin as soon as the southern hemisphere starts getting hotter days, and there is no other place to get more sun than down under. Australian summers are incredibly hot, and you can be sure that they will be able to chase those blues away. The country also has some of the most luxurious holiday spots in the world, and many of them offer a view of tropical rainforests, clear turquoise waters, and absolute solitude. In Queensland, holidaymakers can rent a private villa in Bedarra Island, one of the country’s hidden gems.

Often compared to Seychelles, Bedarra is a beautiful and tranquil destination for those who love the beach, privacy, and chef-prepared meals. If you love glamping in the bush, you can experience the Australian wilderness in a luxury outback camp in Western Australia. You can also opt for a holiday in the mountains just a few hours from Sydney, or stay in a villa right on the Great Barrier Reef.

Cure Winter Woes By Experiencing Island Life

During the American winter, many small islands around the world are still soaked in the sun. From getting a nice tan to eating fresh seafood on a daily basis, an island destination may just be the cure for your winter woes. You can experience beachy nirvana in the Maldives, a family-friendly place that offers not only a beautiful coast but wonderful food too. You can also frolic in the alluring waters of Boracay and enjoy its white sandy beaches while drinking cold coconut juice or freshly squeezed mangoes.

Bermuda, with its beautiful pink beaches, is another contender for your winter holiday, as it offers not only a lot of fun but a lot of history and culture through its UNESCO World Heritage Site, St. George. Flying to Fiji is also a wonderful idea, as it is still largely unspoiled despite the number of tourists that flock to the archipelago each year.

Go Somewhere Exotic

If you’re not fond of beaches, you can opt for a different destination for your 2021 trip. You can visit Morocco to experience the Saharan wind and the country’s dusty tangerine-hued streets, or fly to Cuba to see how it is barely untouched by the changes that the world has experienced in the past 50 years. You can also go to Tel Aviv to enjoy its avant-garde galleries and vibrant nightlife.

If the thought of winter indoors this year is getting you down, start looking forward to your next winter vacation. Start planning it now, and you’ll have something to look forward to all year.