How I Make Money Online with SEO

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Make Money Online with SEO

Do you want to make money online with SEO? Well, in this post, that’s exactly what I’ll be going over. I’m going to be revealing how I make a good chunk of my income. I’ll be going over 1 proven method that very few people are taking advantage of.

YouTube + Amazon Affiliates:

I like to buy products from Amazon and review them.

This is how I do it.

Keyword Research:

When Looking for a keyword to target, it will typically be a product name and I use Amazon to help with my keyword research.

I look for a product to review but I make sure the competition is low. How do I do this? I explore different products on Amazon and put them into YouTube, scanning the results to see if anyone has reviewed them.

I also make sure the product has people actually looking for it. If not, then what’s the point of reviewing the product if no one is going to buy it?

The way I know people are looking for a product is making sure the product name + review comes up as a Youtube suggest.

And the way I know I can compete to rank for that keyword on YouTube is by searching for the keyword in YouTube and making sure no one has made a video on that product. If people have reviewed that product, I ask myself, “Can I create a more valuable video than them?”

Buying the Product:

So after I’ve identified the products and keywords I want to target, I’ll buy the products from Amazon in bulk.

I like to have a prime membership because I like to review the product as quickly as possible and get the rankings.

Creating the Product Copy:

So after I’ve received the product, I will actually test the product out and give my honest thoughts.

Remember: if you’re not being honest with your reviews, you’re not going to make any money. Maybe you’ll make a couple of sales but then you’ll start receiving negative comments from the people who actually purchased the product because they watched your video.

Write a list of positives and negatives about the product. When mentioning a few negatives about a product, it makes you look a lot more authentic and trustworthy.

Creating the Video:

After I’ve had the product for a little while, at least a week. I’ll then proceed to create a video.

Here’s where people make a massive mistake… they think in order to make YouTube videos that will get rankings, shares and traffic, you need an expensive camera setup.

Here’s what I did…

I purchased a 1080p webcam from ebay for under $100 and I found a good spot in my house which has decent lighting. And there you have it, my camera setup.

Now, you don’t have to show your face in the video, you can simply have it cut off and have the camera pointing at the product the whole time.

You can just start reviewing the product and commentating over it. And there you have it, you can now create awesome YouTube videos.

Ranking the YouTube Videos:

First of all, in order to rank on YouTube, you need to create a valuable video. Make sure to give an honest review and mention the positives and negatives of the product. Without a genuine, authentic video, you won’t rank on YouTube.

Make your keyword the name of the file, if your target keyword is “best mass gainer for skinny guys review” That’s exactly what you want to name your video file.

After that, make sure to leave your keyword in the YouTube video title. Have the keyword as a tag and make sure it’s in the description.

That’s the basics of ranking on YouTube and how I mainly rank.


So that’s how I generate an income, by purchasing products from Amazon and ranking them on YouTube.