Top 10 Mental Hospitals in Mumbai

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Mental Hospitals in Mumbai

If you are in Mumbai and if you are concerned about emotional and psychological disturbances, it is better to get help from one of the top 10 mental hospital in Mumbai. Most of us have a misconception about visit a psychiatrist. In fact, they can help with your emotional health issue early. This, in turn, will ensure you should not face huge problems in the future. It is time for us to explore the top 10 mental hospitals in Mumbai:

1) Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Medical Institute:

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani

You might have heard about this multi-specialty hospital. You might have even visited the hospital several times. But do you know about the Department of Psychiatry at this hospital.

This department at the hospital features a multi-disciplinary team. The team has clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and there is also a rehabilitation department.

2) Marchewalla’s Mental Hospital:

This hospital offers a rare combination of juxtaposes decades of field experience along with the best treatment methods and technology. This hospital offers full-curative and complete treatment for mental illnesses. This clinic offers counselling not just to patients, but also to their families. The hospital also offers psychotherapy and, rehabilitation of psychiatric patients. Also, she offers acute care and much more. If you look for a good de-addiction treatment, you can get the best help from this hospital.

3) Masina Hospital:

Masina Hospital

Masina Hospital is also a multi-speciality hospital. The hospital has the department of psychiatry. This department has the best doctors to help you with your mental health issues. The hospital calls this department as ‘an oasis of sound mental health’.

4) Saifee Hospital:

Saifee Hospital

Saifee Hospital also has a department of psychiatry. The department has the experience in treating mental health issues. Irrespective of whether it is childhood disorder or relationship issues the hospital can help. The psychiatrists at this hospital will also help with, sexual dysfunction or any other emotional issues. You can get the best help from this department for sure.

5) Seven Hills Hospital:

Seven Hills Hospital

Seven Hills Hospital has a department of Psychiatric Medicine & Psychotherapy. This hospital with its best psychiatric doctors in Mumbai can handle any type of mental health issues in patients.

6) Jaslok Hospital:

Jaslok Hospital

The Department of Psychiatry at the Jaslok Hospital has been functioning for more than 40 years. The staff at this department comprises of psychiatrists trained from some of the premium institutions in the world. So, you can get the best mental and emotional support from this hospital.

7) Parakh Hospital:

Parakh Hospital

Parakh Hospital is one of the prominent multi-specialty hospitals in Mumbai. This hospital has the department of psychiatry headed by Dr. K.P. Dave. The hospital offers the services of eminent psychiatrist to help patients.

8) Sanghanayak Meshram Clinic:

Sanghanayak Meshram Clinic

This clinic is led by Dr. Sanghanayak Meshram. The clinic offers services like OPD consultation, diagnostic formulation and treatment plan. Also, monitoring and regular follow up and psychotherapy and counselling are also offered. All these treatments are offered to help patients get out of their psychological issues.

9) Guru Nanak Hospital:

Guru Nanak Hospital

The Department of psychiatry at the hospital is committed to offering compassionate service. The department aims at co-ordinated and comprehensive psychiatric care to all. Patients can get the best service at the caring atmosphere here. The care is customized as per the needs of patients.

10) BSES MG Hospital:

This name is expanded as Brahma Kumaris Global Hospitals and Research Centre. There are many departments in this hospital. The psychiatry department has the best psychiatrists to offer the ideal treatments.


Each one of us should remember that long-term stress should be treated. This is where a psychiatrist can help us. Long-term stress not just affects physical health. But it can also have an ill-effect on the mental health.

If you are concerned that your stress has started to take over you, this is the right time to get help from a psychiatrist. As you live in Mumbai, the city with many hospitals, you can choose the best among the above-mentioned hospitals. You can get the best help from a psychologist to get out of your stress.