Hiring The Right Sound System For Your Event

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Hiring The Right Sound System

A sound system or ‘PA’ is used to amplify sound for large gatherings of people. The main components include amplifier, loudspeakers and microphone. PAs are used in many day to day settings where we can’t actually see the system but we know it’s there, such as railway stations, shopping centres and in the workplace.

For one off events such as fashion shows, conferences, weddings and music events it usually makes more sense to use sound system hire company as it’s more economical.

What Sound Systems Are Available?

The key to deciding which system is most appropriate for your event is to consider the following:

  • How big is the audience?
  • What size is the venue?
  • What are the venue acoustics like? A high ceiling or wooden floor can be more challenging that a small carpeted space.
  • What is the ambient noise level likely to be?
  • How many microphones will be needed?

A good event company offering sound system hire will help you to make the best choice and set you up with appropriate equipment and technical knowledge but it pays to know in advance what your options are.

The smallest PA available is a portable ‘all in one’ that you simply switch on and begin using. The output will be around 100 watts and be mains or battery powered. You may get a wireless microphone and some sort of CD or Bluetooth options. This type of set-up can be used for up to 50 people in a relatively sedate setting.

The second type of sound system is a two speaker PA. This will cover the vast majority of requirements. A two-speaker PA mostly has provision for background music, a number of microphones, wireless mics, podium mics and laptop audio. For larger audiences, it is possible to increase the number of speakers to ensure high-quality sound for events such as launches, meetings and small gigs usually to a maximum of 150 people. These systems come with either a passive or active system. A passive system means that extra amps are required. Inactive systems the amp is built into the speaker. It is normal to get a mixing desk as well for as many audio channels as you need.

For a dance party, band or DJ you would need a ‘live event PA’ which provides extra bass bins and significantly more power. The exact setup depends on your audience size but there are a range of options to meet every scenario.

The speakers should always be located in front of the stage mics to minimise feedback. Bear in mind during sound check that the room will sound different once it is filled with people so where possible, ensure you have the ability to increase the volume further without getting feedback if you find it to be necessary later on.

Why is it so Important to Choose The Right Sound System?

Having good quality audio equipment will add to the atmosphere of your gathering. Playing the right songs through the right piece of equipment increases the sound quality and overall energy of the party. Hiring poor quality sound equipment can be detrimental to the overall vibe of the event.

Use the knowledge and expertise of professionals who are qualified to advise you on achieving the cleanest sound. Poorer quality systems that are used for long periods of time are prone to heating up which in turn diminishes the quality of the sound and overall experience and nobody organising an event wants to take that kind of risk.