Modern Dining Furniture – New Trends for 2019

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Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…

Wow, it’s that time of the year again: Christmas is just around the corner. Families will gather, friends will drop by – there’ll be much merrymaking all the way to 2019. And coming together over great meals that must be presented and served really well is key to impress your guests. Here’s where your dining furniture comes in. You don’t want your guests squashed all around the dining table, so much so that one can’t hold their knife and fork properly. Oh, and if you got little children, do you want them gingerly craning their tiny necks just to reach that bowl of soup on the dining table? Nay! As a matter of fact, space and comfort aren’t the only considerations.

❖ Your choice of dining furniture can make or break the cosy feeling you’re trying to achieve for your dining room. Modern furniture never disappoints, it’s the ultimate way to inject the right ambience and look to your dining room.

❖ As we head towards 2019, which modern furniture design trends are expected to dominate? First, an important thing to note is that the most notable changes in the modern dining furniture trends in 2019 will be in the colours and materials used.

❖ Modern design is dynamic, it never shies away from trying out new ideas. In order to find out what trends one can expect in 2019, we checked with some of the leading designers and trendsetters in the industry.

Here’s What we Gathered:

FCI London

  • Blush Tones for your Dining Furniture: traditionally, most people still believe that dining furniture is best left in traditional colours (think of oak, mahogany with an earth or rusty brown finish). However, blush has become the new neutral and you can expect more of it in 2019’s dining furniture. Metal dining chairs with blush upholstery around the arm rest and cushion areas, such would perfectly pair up with a grey dining table or floor. It creates a calming palette. Blush is also easy to pair with bold colours like citrine, forest green, navy, and so on.
  • Trendy Rectangular Dining Tables: come to think of it, did you know that a rectangular table can accommodate more guests than a rounded table? Besides, rectangular dining tables are a great option because they offer more flexibility in terms of functionality and customization. In 2019, you can expect to see more trendy rectangular dining tables with bold architectural features, solid marble tops as well as crystal glasses. The legs can be sculptured into one of the many monolithic styles of your preference, at least to give them a more modern look. An example of such styles will include: slab dining tables, metropolitan dining tables, Piana dining tables, to mention but a few. And if you’re completely bonkers about style and luxury, the Ritz Dining Table will be the thing for you. These perfectly blend solids and voids to create a simple but elegant style for your living room. Wood and glass are skillfully used to create deliberate voids. The final look will be something between a formal and contemporary dining table.
  • Bench Seating: Another interesting trend for modern dining furniture we’re likely to see in 2019 will be the use of benches rather than chairs. The world is moving away from the traditional, formal dining room that had to have uniform furniture. Upholstered benches are the new way of giving your dining area a feel and look that’s more relaxing. If you’re working with limited space, benches will come in handy because they’re multifunctional. You can add some storage space underneath to store some of your kitchen equipments. You could even throw in some cushions for more comfort!
  • Playful Dining Chairs: In 2019 you don’t have to take things so formally or be predictable in your style and design. One way to give your dining area a free-spirited, whimsical feel will be by using playful dining chairs. You can mix and match the colours, materials and designs. If you’re in London and are wondering where you’d find such fancy and playful dining chair designs, FCI London should be your first stop. They are the leading modern furniture store in London. Here you’ll find trendy dining chairs of different colours and materials. Seeing that your dining table and chairs will be the focal point of the room, try and use neutral colours on the background (think of the walls, curtains, floor, etc) so that the fancy chairs really stand out. Don’t overdo it though, don’t let your desire for style overshadow the uniqueness of your dining furniture. Get a professional interior designer if you have to, but just make sure you balance between style, functionality and comfort.

FCI London Modern Dining Furniture offers for 2019:

FCI London Modern Dining Furniture

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