The Five Most Significant Benefits of Cloud Backup

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Most Significant Benefits of Cloud Backup

Businesses and individual brands are increasingly relying on IT services for most of their operations, one of them being data backup. Data backup solutions like Ottomatik have provided a reliable approach to keep your data safe from any accidental or intentional threats.

What is it that is making cloud backup so popular a solution? The use of cloud backup can impact your business performance in many ways. You want to consider a backup solution that not only assures data security, storage, and retrieval but also allows for improved performance and productivity.

If you are wondering whether or not to consider cloud backup for your business, here are five of the biggest benefits you should know about Cloud Backup:

5 of the biggest benefits you should know about Cloud Backup

A Better Promise of Security:

While data loss threats range from natural phenomena to human errors, cloud backup solutions offer a better promise of security when it comes to natural phenomena threats like fire, storms, or theft.

Even for other threats, cloud backups are better at guaranteeing security for your information because you can put strict measures to restrict access with encryption codes, passwords, and passphrases.

Cloud backup solutions store files in secured servers and systems to which you and a selected few of your choice get access.

Convenience and Flexibility:

You know how you have always wanted to work outside the office? Well, cloud backup solutions are very convenient and flexible, allowing you to work from different locations. This means that even your staff members do not have to be in the same place to retrieve or share files and documents.

As long as the data is backed up on the cloud, anyone with access to the cloud storage can access the information they want from anywhere. Although your backup strategy might involve saving data in mobile external locations, with an internet connection, cloud backup allows you to flexibly work at any time from any place without worrying about data loss or missing information.

Besides, you cannot always remember to back up your data, especially on busy work days. This is the main disadvantage of most backup solutions that require manual backup of data. Cloud backup solutions allow you to schedule automatic backups, either for full backups or incremental backups. If this is not convenient, then what is?

Scalability and Reliability:

Businesses grow over time and data grows along with them. You cannot fully anticipate how big your data growth will scale up to, which means you cannot be unrealistic with acquiring space you are not sure you will need.

The good thing with cloud backup solutions is that they are highly scalable to accommodate any amount of data growth. You do not have to keep purchasing new storage devices with cloud backups like you would for tape backups and hard drives.

You can count on cloud backups’ reliability to safely store all your data, in large enough a space to accommodate more information. With a couple more dollars to spare, without having to get rid of some data to create room for more, you can rely on cloud backup to provide you with more space as your needs increase.


As much as you are willing to secure your data, it is reasonable to reminisce that most businesses do not have a budget for data backup, which is why most people shun cloud backup solutions thinking that they are expensive.

The fact is, acquiring cloud backup can require a wholesome amount of money that can leave you feeling stretched on your budget, but if you think about it, cloud backup is much cheaper than tape drives and other software. The real money saver is that cloud backup solutions integrate with your already existing infrastructure without needing to purchase new equipment.

The total cost of ownership is cheaper for cloud services because more often than not the maintenance and upgrade of the cloud is reserved for the service providers. With cloud backup, you cut down on unnecessary costs like transportation of media to different locations or hiring experts to perform an upgrade for your systems and software.

Overall, cloud backup solutions have more benefits that can be mentioned in this article. You must remember that different service providers offer various features and benefits for cloud backups, some with more advantages than others. Be sure to locate the prominent cloud backup services to befit your distinctive needs.