4 Tips For Better PPC Campaign Performance

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When you start with your PPC campaign, one of the main concerns will be to get the best results from your ad spend, whether it is higher website views or product sales. However, when it comes to PPC marketing, your campaign performance can become terrible if you do not prepare yourself properly. To help you get the maximum result from your ad campaign, we have listed four simple tips for you to follow.

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The 80% Budget Rule

The 80% budget rule simply means that you tell Google to only use 80% of the funds in the Adwords account towards the ad campaign. And if you are confused as to why you must keep the rest 20% unused, there is a simple explanation – Google can actually overshoot the ad budget by up 20%. So, if you have $1000 in your Adwords account, and you wish to use it completely in a campaign, then you can be charged up to $1200 once the campaign ends. And if you are not prepared for this eventuality, you will obviously have to cough up the extra $200. To avoid this, set the campaign budget at $800 so that even if Google overspends, the total campaign spend will remain limited to the $1000 in your account.

Word Limitations

Do not overstuff your ad. Keep it short and to the point. For example, instead of using an ad headline that says “You can now get 20% discount on the latest book”, use something simple and direct like “20% off on latest book”. Ideally, the ad headline should be limited to 60 characters, the URL path within 30 characters, and the ad description must not exceed 80 characters. Also, remember to test various combinations of headlines and descriptions before fully investing your budget in a campaign.

Negative Keywords

Just as it is important to tell Google which keywords to target to show your ads, it is equally important that you clearly state which keywords should not trigger your ad. Otherwise, you might end up spending on ads that are displayed to people who have no interest in your product or service. For example, if you sell the latest golf clubs, and you create an ad that targets the keywords ‘best golf clubs’, ‘quality golf clubs’ etc, then there is also a chance that the ad will be shown to people who might search for ‘used golf clubs’. If that happens, it will be a waste of your ad budget. To avoid this, you must list out terms like ‘used’ as negative keywords. Doing so will ensure that Google does not show your ads when anyone searches for ‘used golf clubs’.

Ad Extensions

Remember to make full use of the various ad extensions offered by Google. Options like Call Extensions, Review Extensions, etc can help you add extra detail to the ad and thereby increase the chance of a potential customer clicking through the advertisement.

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