Zyppah Review – More Happy Z’s Guaranteed?

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Zyppah Review

Snoring problems have caused a serious threat to couple nowadays- but then the brands like Zyppah and SnoreRX have come out with a device known MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) to eradicate such sleeping problems for the couple!

I’ve been facing snoring issues of which my girlfriend complained and the reason for fights between us creating a deep concern in our life. I hadn’t expected anything as such to come over but had to get a solution for this- Zyppah which claims to be the only best product and promises to keep you away from snoring gave a thought to me on giving a try!

Nevertheless, any product or brand you take’s associated with it both pros and cons which I’ve listed below; though I feel it to be a good product for me, it may differ from how’s the lower jaw;

Zyppah Cons

Zyppah Pros:

  • Helps to keep your tongue still while not troubling you with any breathing issues
  • Qualities: BPA- free material, FDA- approved, BBB- accreditation and an Elastic Tongue (to avoid snoring)
  • Guarantees: not comfortable? Then a 90-days money back guarantee’s with you to get replaced.

Zyppah Cons:

  • Not for the people with lose tooth or some other dental problems
  • A sort of uncomfortably is felt at the start, later you’ll be used to!
  • No specific life span assured but expected to stay for at least a year with you.

Some Reviews which my friends told me that the Customer Service’s been poor most of the times while some were satisfied.

How it works?

How it works

There’re three important parts of Zyppah, which functions to give a pleasant sleep to you and your partner, maybe solving the issues of sleep between you two- so let’s look on these 3 important parts of Zyppah.

The Body: A superior quality, no threat to the jaws which’s molded in a way to create an extremely better comfort , may feel a little weird at first but then you’ll be used (I felt the same)- now, the main purpose for these to keep the jaw and neck muscles still in their position which also convey the reason to snore.

Lower Jaw: A special technique of Jaw Advancement is used to keep the jaws intact and allow easy flow of air through the mouth.

Tongue Elastic: Designed to hold the tongue firm and not allowing it to move back, causing a threat to snore which also avoids the blockage of air to pass through!

It’s patented and has only been possible due to the tireless hard work of a Dentist and founder of Zyppah, Dr Johnathan Greenberg.

Know, how Zyppah’s different from other products?

It’s a MAD technology applied to attain a high Quality American product, the easy to use feature makes it different as well special creating a comfort to both your jaws and tongue,

All you need to have for a start with Zyppah is hot water, a fork and a little of water at room Temperature.

  • Place the Zyppah in boiled water for a couple of minutes
  • Now, remove it using a fork
  • First, give the impression of a lower Jaw and hold it for a few minutes
  • Then give an impression of the upper Jaws
  • Remove and you’ll see the impressions on it which you can wash with room temperature water for further use.

You needn’t worry for it’s not Heat absorbent and can easily be placed in the mouth!

What’s the price for Zyppah?

Shipping to an US address will cost an additional $9.95 to $89.5 bill i.e. a total of $99.90 will cost you on a single piece. Shipping to a non-US address will charge you an add-on of $18.85 to cost $108.90.
They provide you a 90-days money back guarantee in case you didn’t like or had issues with the product.

Comparison of other products with Zippah like SnoreRX!

how Zyppah’s different from other products

SnoreRX’s a product similar to Zyppah with no elastic tongue- then what does SnoreRX provide?

SnoreRX’s known for its perfect engineering which provides its users to make adjustments to comfort their jaws. This product too is based on the MAD technology but with a provision of a perfect Engineering involved in making it better for many than Zyppah! I’ve never used SnoreRX but my friends say for it having a better customer Service than Zyppah. People suggest as per their comfort but it’s on you to decide which’s comfortable and effective!