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Nicky Ravera Caminero, better known in the music world as Nicky Jam, is an American singer and songwriter. As of 2024, Nicky Jam net worth  $25 million. He was born on March 17, 1981, in Boston, Massachusetts. He moved to Puerto Rican along with his father and mother from the Dominican Republic. From the age of 10, he showed interest in urban friends, raping and making progress with his friends.

Later, he moved with his entire family to Catao, Puerto Rico, where Nicky began working as a packer in a supermarket to help finance the household.

His 25-year-old musical experience has been amazing. Nicky is associated with many celebrities such as Enrique Iglesias, Mana, Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, and many more.

Early Life

Nicky Riviera Caminero, nicknamed the Nicky Jam stage, was born on March 17, 1981. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. His mother and father are Dominican and Puerto Rican, respectively. Nicky grew up in BerrioOberoiro before moving to Puerto Rico at the age of ten. The state was named after a homeless man.

He joined the Reggaeton group at a young age. He was from a poor background, and his parents could not raise enough money for their family. As a result, Nicky started doing illegal business. He did all this to support his family.

It was a time when a music producer saw and contracted his musical talents. When he was fourteen, Nicky released his album Distanto a Las Demas. The album may not have been a success, but it did help him build his music career and get the attention of some music producers.

Nicky Jam


Nicky Jam’s career began in 1994 when he released his debut album, Distant a Las Demas. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as well as he had hoped, but it did help Nicky in connecting with other people from the music industry.

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  • Realising Album

Shortly afterward, he met Daddy Yankee, and the two released an album called Los Super Amigos, which was a success. So, after a while, they worked together on another El Cartel II: Los Canaris.

Nicky’s second album, Hicando Escant, was released in 2001, and two years later, a third, Salin de la Fama, came out. Her fourth album is probably best known for many successful films, such as Cambodia, My EstavioMorendo, WaPasando El Tempo, and I’m Not Your Husband.

His last album, Phoenix, mentioned earlier, was also a huge success, featuring many celebrities, including Kid Ink, Enrique Iglesias, Daddy Yankee, Magnet and Valentino, Archangel, Cascoville, Sean Paul, and Consent. It features 26 songs and tops the list of top Latin albums in the United States.

  • Music Career

Following the release of his album, Nicky Jam continued to pursue music as a career. Before meeting Daddy Yankee, Jam worked with DJ Palero and Gatoba, who asked him to work with them. In the late 2000s and early 1990s, the duo formed the Los Canaries. As a team, they released hit singles, Guando, SabanasBlancas, Center, and many more.

In 2004, the couple became embroiled in an unresolved issue that ended their relationship. Nicky Jam continued to pursue music, but this time as a solo artist. After eight years apart, the two released Lima in El Party. As the only artist, Nicky Jam released hit songs such as Hekenda Escante and Vada Yankee. In 2007, he released an album, The Black Carpet.

After that, he moved to Colombia. After attending several concerts in 2010, Nicky resumed her music career by releasing hit singles, Two Prime Ways, Juegos Prohibidos, Voy a Beber, and more. He has also collaborated with many music artists.


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Back in Front of the Stage

In 2010, Nicky Jam decided to move to Colombia. Much loved and admired by the people of Colombia, Nicky Jam takes the opportunity to resume his career. He combines successful films such as “La Prego,” “Pensas NMI,” and even introduces a new feature on “El Party Me Llama” with Daddy Yankee.

All of these titles proudly top Colombia’s rankings. In 2014, Nicky Jam performed his first best performance with Codecus Records and Sony Music Entertainment. The following year, Enrique Iglesias approached him and, after five hours of meeting, he agreed to record a title with him. Nicky Jam calls it “El Parden.”

The song was released in the spring of 2015, and the first stage of Billboard Hot Latin songs features great cardboard for 18 weeks. In July 2015, Nicky Jam and Enrique Iglesias released the English version of “Sorry.” The end of 2015 marked the first American Declaration tour: “The Fenix Tour.”

Nicky Jam wife Angelica Cruz

Personal life

Nicky Jam met online with his current wife, Angelica Cruz, a Colombian model. The couple finally dated for a while before getting married in 2017. The ceremony took place in Madeleine, Colombia. Nicky is the father of two beautiful girls, Alyssa Rivera and Yarimar Rivera. Due to unresolved issues, the two love birds got divorced in 2018.

Nicky Jam Net Worth

In 2017, Nicky paid 1.7 million for a starter home in Miami. He sold the house a year later for 2 million. In 2019, Nicky paid 3.4 million for a house on Palm Island in Miami. They listed the home for sale in December 2020 for 3.3 million.

As of 2024, Nicky Jam net worth  $25 million. With his positive attitude and flexibility, Nicky Jam, the most famous reggaeton, has more value than financial fame. Some of his popular songs include: I’m Going to Party (2003), Fajr (2016), Beautiful and Sex (2017), and the list goes on.

His most popular albums include Different from Others (1994), Hiccup State (2001), Hall of Fame (2003), Lifetime (2004), and Phoenix (2017). After overcoming his addiction, he has successfully surrendered his dedication to music, and this is a sign of success.

Hits and Soccer

2018 is now a year of success for Nicky Jam. He specifically collaborated with J Balvin on the hit “X,” which managed to win the position of the best-selling single from “Despacito.”

The 2018 Nicky Jam is also under the Football World Cup mark. He recorded the official FIFA anthem with Smith, entitled “Live It Up.” He is also seen interpreting the hit with singer Era Strefi during the closing ceremony in Moscow, Russia.


What occurred with Nicky Jam?

Nicky Jam has decided to retire from the music scene, announcing a concluding album and a farewell worldwide tour as his legacy. What factors contributed to Nicky Jam’s return to the music scene following his battles with addiction and depression?

Are Nicky Jam and Daddy Yankee friends?

Nicky Jam and Daddy Yankee resolved their differences in 2015 and have maintained their friendship since then. Nicky relocated to Colombia to revive his music career and overcome personal challenges, whereas Daddy Yankee continued to excel in the reggaeton scene with successful tracks such as “Rompe” and “Somos de Calle.”

Did Nicky Jam lose weight?

The 42-year-old singer revealed that he lost 110 pounds, thanks to his active lifestyle and playing basketball every single day. He is a big fan of basketball and plays with his buddies wherever he travels.