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Oliver Power Grant Net Worth

Oliver Power Grant is an actor, producer, streetwear clothing mogul, and entrepreneur. He is a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, known for producing. Oliver was a part of the Wu-Tang Clan. He recorded all the albums of it. He was the founder of the Wu Wear. In 2024, Oliver Power Grant net worth is around $2 million.

Biography of Oliver Power Grant

Name: Oliver Power Grant
Nick Name: Oliver Grant
Gender: Male
Birth Place: America
Date of Birth: November 23, 1970
Birthday: November 23
Age: 50 years old
Nationality: American
Height: 6 ft 1 inch
Weight: 60 kg
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Black
Religion: Christianity
Siblings: Divine
Profession: Singer, Producer, and Entrepreneur
Net Worth: $2 million

Early Life of Oliver Power Grant

Oliver Power Grant was born on November 23, 1970, in Staten Island, New York. He grew up in Park Hill, situated near Staten Island.

She made many friends in her childhood and entered the Hip-Hop Group- Wu-Tang Clan. When he started working with the Wu-Tang Clan, some of his friends gave him the name Power.

Educational Background

Oliver Power Grant got his early education at Park Hill School. Then, he got his high school education from K605 George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School.

Career Journey to Success

Oliver Grant started his professional career in producing when he formed a hip-hop group, Wu-Tang Clan. It was based only on Staten Island. He spent a lot of money on this group and developing the stage.

He invested in this group, which grew him in his career. He took a risk. But he became successful in his effort. He worked for many years with the Wu-Tang Clan. He guided his group in producing all the albums.

Along with his singing, Oliver Power Grant founded his clothing business with his Hip-Hop group, Wu-Tang Clan. He gained popularity by launching his clothing brand.

When she launched his clothing brand, she gained popularity with new ideas. He got a lot of responses to new business from other people. He did not stop this idea and decided to expand his business with different designs.

He used the logo of the Wu-Tang for his clothing business. His clothing business is helpful in his music industry shows. The other artists also like the clothes of his company.

Wu-Than Shaolin Style

Oliver Power Grant released a four-player 3D fighting video game for the PlayStation in 1999. The group Wu-Than is working on the game’s story. It is setting the characters on the stage person and music. Some members provide voiceover for the games and become the music for games.

Personal Life and Dating

Like the other celebrity, Oliver Power Grant also keeps his personal life private. He did not reveal any information about his married life or children. However, Oliver has many friends who can see him in various places. He uploads pictures and videos with his friends on his Instagram account continuously.

Oliver Power Grant Net Worth

Oliver Power Grant is a singer and producer in America. His estimated net worth is about $2 million. He earns this money through his career as a singer and producer. He also has a clothing brand that is a source of his income.

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