How To Manage An Overheated Car Engine?

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Overheated Car Engine

For any licensed driver, managing an overheated engine is an important skill. Being able to diagnose and fix issues as they occur can help you get back on the road quicker, save expensive mechanical problems and also helps you learn when to seek professional assistance.

Pull Over & Don’t Panic:

Know that an overheated engine wouldn’t cause immediate harm so you shouldn’t panic. If the temperature gauge hits red or steam is emerging from the engine, gently slow the car and pull over at a safe spot. Both ‘smoke’ and ‘steam’ differs in colour which is ‘black’ and ‘white’ in particular respectively. In case you’re unable to pull over, do:

  • Turn OFF the air-conditioner and open the windows
  • Direct the heat and flow of fan from the air all the way up so as to reduce heat from the engine as much as possible
  • Exercise safety precautions, drive at a slow pace and do stop where you can

Pop Open The Hood When Steam Subsides:

If the vehicle isn’t extremely hot, stop at a safe spot and pop open the hood, however, if it’s too hot to touch with the steam still coming out, wait for the hood to cool off. Once the hood has been opened, it’ll help dispel away the heat from the engine. Let the engine cool before you perform any work be it as little as opening the radiator cap. It’ll take approximately 30-to-40 minutes for the engine to completely cool and eventually a safe way to prevent dangerous burns.

Manage The Radiator:

Clasping the upper radiator hose would help in determining whether the system’s under pressure so that you can safely remove the radiator cap. If it’s holding firmly and difficult to squeeze, the system’s still pressurised thus you shouldn’t remove the radiator cap. Always use a towel or a dirty rag to handle the hose since it can be extremely hot.

Steam and pressure inside can jet dangerous fluid directly on the face which is why extreme precautions must be taken. The best solution is turning in for Audi service in Dubai and let the experts take care of your precious vehicle with professionalism and quality service it deserves. The coolant within an overheated engine can be as hot as 260-degree Fahrenheit.

As long as the coolant’s locked in the system, it won’t boil but the minute it’s exposed to air would jet it straight upwards causing severe burns. This is the reason you should first let the engine cool and then uncap the radiator’s hose.

Check The Engine For Possible Leak:

A leaky coolant system is one of the most common causes of engine overheating so always look for the fluid either on the engine or underneath the vehicle, especially if its low or literally empty. That being said, cooling system requires pressure to function which means even smallest of the leak can cause serious problems. Refill the coolant once the car is completely cool where it’s better to make a 50/50 solution of water and coolant.


Whether small or big, all car related issues must be checked by professional mechanics and at standard garages so as to guarantee perfection before you hit the road again.