Tips To Keep in Mind While Packing Valuable Items

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Packing Valuable Items

Worried about how to take your valuable items which are legacy and are expensive during the move? Then, you need to take right measures to move these valuable items. Undoubtedly, break or scratch on any of these items would also break your heart. The packers and movers in Ernakulam are giving additional help on moving valuable items.

There is a special place offered to keep valuable things in the vehicle. In addition, these people use special wrapping material to wrap these valuable items to avoid from getting damaged or scratched during the transportation due to jerks. If you do not have money to pay and hire packers and movers in Ernakulam, you would need to pack everything on your own and take them in your friends or relatives truck to the new place. Few of the tips you need to keep in mind while packing valuable things include

Create a List:

You cannot list down all the books that you have in your rack, so better you take photos of all your possessions holding to cross check when you miss something during the move. This helps you to claim the items from the homeowner insurance or moving insurance. Document every item before your move.

Get Insurance:

Every item that is going to the new residence should be insured. However, your homeowner insurance will cover the damages on the move. There are a few moving companies who offer a different kind of insurance. You can take this insurance to get covered for the damaged items during the moving process.

Moving Heavy Items Need Help:

When you are moving heavy chandelier or a piano, you certainly need help to pack and load them into the truck. There are a few special wood crates available which you can use to store these items and avoid damages in the moving process. You need to take the help of packers and movers in Ernakulam while moving these expensive yet heavy items.

Buy Right Packing Boxes:

There are different sized packing boxes available. You need to buy right boxes for all types of valuable items to store them and make sure that they are safely transported.

Keep Dishes Side by Side:

You need to pack cookware items in special papers and then adjust them in the box. These people stay snugly at one place rather falling on each other.

Tape Painting:

After packing the items, you need to tape all the boxes. This tape will avoid the items to come out.

Box Perfectly:

You need to keep all glass or fragile items in one place and in special boxes. You can add cushion like thing in the box. You need to spend a little amount of buying these boxes. Prior to buying boxes, take measurements of all items to pick right boxes instead of finding that your furniture or other items are not fitting in the boxes purchased at the last minute.

The above are a few tips one need to follow while packing the valuable items. These people will help you to secure the expensive belongings that are passed as the legacy to you during the transition.