5 Ways You Can Sell Your Number Plates

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Sell Your Number Plates

If you are thinking of selling off your car number plate, then you will also want to know how to sell it so that you get the best price. Unfortunately, many people tend to just ask their friends and co-workers, ending up selling the plate for far less than what it could have fetched. In this post, we look at five specific channels you can use to sell your number plate for the highest possible price.

Number Plate Dealers:

In case you are not too sure about the value of your number plate, and are wondering “Is my number plate worth something?”, then the best way to sell off your plate is through a professional number plate dealer. There are many such dealers in the UK who have a long experience in the field and will be able to offer you an exciting price in case the plate is deemed valuable. Plus, you can also avoid the headache of constantly trying to sell your number plate. That is something the dealer will do. Once you register your number plate with them, they will contact you with an offer in case any client shows interest.

eBay Listing:

The next easiest way to sell your number plate is through eBay listings. Just list your plate for auction and invite bids. Within a few hours or days, you will start getting bids from interested parties. You can then sell off the number plate to the highest bidder. Again, this is a very simple selling process where you don’t have to go and look for buyers. Instead, the buyers will come to you. However, if your number plate is extremely valuable, then you will be better off choosing a motorcycle number plates dealer than an eBay listing since a dealer has the connection to fetch a higher price for your plate.

Car Forums:

Another great sales channels are car forums. There are numerous such forums on the internet which will also have separate sections for member sales. Just join such forums and post your offering. If the members are interested, they will contact you with a purchase price. However, be extra careful when dealing with people through forums since you essentially won’t be seeing them face to face and the forums generally don’t provide any seller protection.

Social Media:

If you have a good deal of car enthusiast friends in your social network connections, then why not use it? Post the details of your number plate, state the expected price, and post it on your social media profile. Your friends will see the post and will contact you if interested. This is a more trustworthy and safe way to sell your number plate online.

Car Signboard:

A final method to sell your number plate is to use your car itself as a tool for advertising. Place a signboard on the top or side of your car stating that the number plate is for sale together with its full details. And when you drive around in your car, hundreds of people will see the offer and a few will contact you if they find your offer exciting enough.