Portable Air Conditioners: 5 Questions Frequently Asked By Buyers

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Portable Air Conditioners

If you’re planning to buy your first portable aircon, you must have some questions about what factors should be considered when buying one. Here we have listed 5 questions most frequently asked by customers intending to buy a portable air conditioner.

What is A Portable Air Conditioner?

A portable air conditioner is a lightweight and portable version of the conventional aircon. It does the same work but instead of being fixed into a window or wall, it can be easily moved around from room to room.

Portable ACs work just like Conventional Air Conditioner. They take in warm air, cool it and give out cooled air back into the room. The remaining moisture and warm air are expelled through the vents fitted at the back of the unit. And just like their older counterparts, portable models also require proper venting. This is generally done by placing the vent through a window in the room. The exhaust pipe is generally four to eight feet in length and is made of heat-resistant durable material.

How Does Venting Work in Portable Air Conditioners?

Portable air conditioners pull warm air from the room, which contains water in the form of moisture. As this air is cooled, the water is removed and evaporated by the machine’s inbuilt evaporation system. The evaporated water is then ousted from the unit through the back vents. So, unlike with conventional machines, you don’t need to worry about water dripping out of the unit.

While evaporation technology is available only in some advanced models, all portable air conditioners are fitted with drains that collect any residual water into a small tray or tank which can be emptied easily from time to time.

Do Portable Air Conditioners Produce Noise?

Portable models are quite similar to the window-fitted ACs, so they have a compressor as well as a fan for efficient cooling. Some people will find this system noisy and others won’t.

To determine the noise level of a portable AC, find out the decibel level of the model. The decibel rating will give you a fair idea of the sound your chosen model is expected to make. The good news is that most portable air conditioners are designed to produce as little noise as possible, so the max dB level is usually a bearable 60 decibel.

Do Portable Air Conditioners Drive up Monthly Energy Bills?

Not if you purchase a unit that has a good EER (energy efficiency rating). Remember that a higher rating means the product is highly energy efficient and will not significantly affect your energy bill.

To make an informed buying decision, do check out https://helpfulhabitat.com/best-portable-air-conditioners/ for in-depth product reviews of the best portable air conditioners of 2018.

Can Portable Air Conditioners be Used in Areas Such as The Garage and Computer Server Rooms?

With some tweaking you can use your portable aircon in the garage; just ensure that it has adequate venting. Portable air conditioners can be placed in server rooms, but you would need to choose a powerful machine that can work with high amounts of heat generated by servers.