Safety Tips for Taxi Cab Customers

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Safety Tips for Taxi Cab Customers

The following advice is for you if you are a taxi service buyer, so you will not get bogged down on the taxi driver’s curve.

  • Plan ahead before leaving. Making decisions before leaving home is always safer, especially if you are planning to drink.
  • Always try to book a taxi or private car hire in advance with the taxi service you or a friend regularly use.
  • Ask your company to offer you the price for taxi cabs so you can prepare to have enough money.
  • When booking a taxi cab, ask for the taxi driver’s name, cab number, make and the color of the cab.
  • Make sure that you have the taxi cab service number saved on your mobile phone.
  • Always keep at least three numbers of a trusted taxi services or private rental vehicles service on your mobile phone.
  • On paper, write a separate list of trusted taxi cab services numbers and put them in your pocket, wallet or purse in case you lose your mobile phone.
  • Do not access the car you have in your mind that it is your taxi. Let the taxi arrive or approach you first.
  • When the taxi arrives, ask the driver for the reservation name and destination. You can ask him this question, “Who are you for?”
  • Check the driver identification card from the dashboard. Make sure that what is on the driver’s ID match the taxi cab company you ordered from.
  • DO NOT enter private rental of the vehicle that you do not order.
  • If you enter the taxi, there are some basic rules that you have to follow.
  • Sit and relax in the back seat of the taxi. If there are groups of people going to different places, remember that the last person to leave is the person at the most risk. The last person who intends to leave the taxi must first sit behind the driver.
  • Do not talk to a taxi driver. If you speak, respect the general issues and do not provide any personal information about you.
  • If you are worried, scared or feel you are in danger, call immediately.
  • Ask the taxi driver to wait until you enter home safely. Some of them will not bother you. If you feel safe, a taxi driver will know that you will use them more and more.

The crimes committed by taxi drivers are rare, but there is no consolation if you yourself become a victim. Following these security tips to increase your personal security, you can reduce the risk of someone committing a crime against you.

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