How to Wear a Short Wedding Dress

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Short Wedding Dress

Experiments may be one of the most immediate sources for creating totally striking and chic looks, and what is most spectacular is that those looks might serve for any occasion and style. Wedding and bridal looks in general can also be included in this list and among the experiments and innovative solutions that you can opt for, wearing a short or even a mini wedding dress is one the boldest things you can ever do. So that’s what we are going to discuss now, sharing some style tips and tricks about how to wear a short wedding dress.

First, we may speak about the advantages of wearing a short dress. Wearing a short dress you have the chance to have fun and enjoy the day to the full, not thinking about the inconveniences that you will have to face when dancing, for instance. This is the primary reason why many ladies choose particularly this type of dresses for that special day. On the other hand many girls still don’t manage to take the risk and go for a mini bridal dress on this big day. But we should note that this is absolutely no news in the fashion world, since even during the ‘70s ladies got married in mini wedding dresses and that really looked cute and charming.

Choosing the Right Form of a Short Wedding Dress:

As it is in case of picking any garment, when choosing a mini wedding you need to match it perfectly with your figure. Thus, short dresses are recommended for girls who have:

• Delicate figure, medium height, and beautiful legs

• Energetic and active character, so that she will be freely moving all around all the day long

• Plans for a retro wedding

In addition, if you are slim you may spice up the look picking voluminous and flare shapes, completed with multi-layered textures and fluttery details. As for the ladies, who are plumper, picking pieces with sassy décolleté might be quite beneficiary for focusing everyone’s attention on the top part, hiding the imperfections.

The Basic Types of Short Wedding Dresses:

You might think that short bridal dresses are not versatile in terms of shapes and designs. Still, there are, indeed, different types of short dresses you can consider, ranging from bold mini options to slightly below the knee variants, also including knee length or slightly above the knee types. The most important thing is that you need to take time to choose wisely and exactly what fits you. This will also give you the opportunity to pick in between the styles, choosing the style you like and feel comfy with. If you are getting married being pregnant, you can pick empire type wedding dresses. This will nicely conceal the belly and focus everyone’s attention on your décolleté and legs. Finally, for those who have quite lush forms for the top and slim and thin ankles, the ideal forms are the dresses with flare skirts slightly below the knee. As for those with ideal figures, maximum reserved pieces are recommended. This way you won’t overload the look with luxury and glam and will create a counterbalance between the sassy figure and the fabulous dress and accessories.

So talking about these options more in-detail we can differentiate between the following looks:

Tea Length Wedding Dresses:

As we all know, tea length dresses have the intermediary position between the mini and maxi lengths and present a totally different type of chic and glam. Most of the dresses of this type belong to the flare category often also having the retro feel of the ‘50s. Nipped waists and fitted bodices are some of the most characteristic aspects of such looks. The options with body-con shapes are rather rare with the tea length, still, when coming matched with bustier-type bodices, they do look effective.

Such dresses are ideal solutions for ladies, who have wide hips and for those, who want to create an hourglass shaped figure with it. Still, brides having apple shape figure need to avoid this type of dresses. On the contrary, those having shapely legs can also go for tea length dresses without worrying about creating a wrong look.

The way the wedding is going to be organized also matters when picking a tea length dress. Thus, brides may pick these dresses if the wedding is planned to be organized for daytime or in a casual environment. As for the style inclination, retro glam is the most suitable and exact form that can be picked for combining it with tea length bridal dresses.

Mini Wedding Dresses:

Coming to bolder and shorter alternatives, we can talk about the diversity of the options within this type as well. So they may be of full and flare silhouettes, body-con options, and many more. Though this is risky and daring, some ladies do go for these looks. The retro style has its influence here, too. The primary factor that will secure the ideal looks of the bride is the comfort with beautiful legs, as we noted in the beginning. For those, who would like to have some distractive details added to the looks, ruffles and other elements of this type can be recommended. Wearing pantyhose or nylon may add some tan effect to the looks, too. In any case, picking simple and classic jewelry and accessories for styling the looks is the best way to feel sure that the image is not overloaded and has some formal touches about it, too.

Short Wedding Dresses with Sleeves:

Sleeved short wedding dresses form the following interesting category when discussing short bridal dresses, and what we need to note is that such dresses are one of the most stylish and cool designs nowadays. These looks have an array of benefits, one of which is that apart from being elegant and chic, this gives the brides an opportunity to accentuate the girly and the charming vibes. Thus, short and often lace-made sleeves create the best effect possible. Such dresses are the most suitable way of feeling comfortable and looking bedazzling at the same time.

Talking about the compatibility of the sleeved dresses with certain types of figures, we can first of all note the tall and slim girls with long legs as the best candidates to wear such wedding dresses. Still, the sleeved dresses are suitable for ladies with medium height as well. The most important factor like in case of all other forms of short dresses is the beautiful and slim legs. Accessories like cute shoes are again the main hits for the combinations made with sleeved short dresses.

Accessories for Short Wedding Dresses

Accessories for Short Wedding Dresses:

The following thing that you need to think over when picking a short dress is the pick of bridal accessories for complementing the looks correctly. For bold and crazy looks you can pick options like boots. Still, if you want to have the traditional and chic looks, you need to pick options like delicate and chic heels, sandals, lace-adorned options, or diverse forms of snow-white heels.

In order to spice up your looks, you may use a bright and catchy belt in order to break the monotone look of white gown and to create some contrast. Matching the shoes with the belt is a perfect solution.

Other alternatives that might save you if you are caught up in the dilemma about picking a long or a short dress are the removable bottom worn over a shorter dress, and the combination of the mini front and the elongated floor length or even floor sweeping back.

Long gloves are the next ideal play pair for the short dresses. Pearls or jewel necklaces, subtle transparent scarfs, hats, etc. are ideal for short dresses, too. As for the hats, fedoras or wide brim options can be a good way out.

The only factor that might put you off from picking a short wedding dress is entering the church, for which the long and solemn variants are more preferable. So go for the short bridal dresses and astound everyone with the striking and fabulous looks of yours!

Photos courtesy of Joanna Kustra