Fitness Tips for Summer 2017

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Hey, Guys! you might agree with me that: Summer is, for many people, synonymous with spending more time outdoors and, as a result, sharing a barbecue or beer outdoors with friends and family. But, this is in contrast to the healthy goals we set for the rest of the year.

That is why, during the summer season, you should not leave aside your healthy routines so you do not lose everything you have achieved during the rest of the year.

Eating healthy, drinking smoothies, and reducing the consumption of alcohol and other substances that will lower your physical shape should not be synonymous with difficulty and is easier than you think if you consider these healthy habits for the summer.

As you know, alcohol is perfect for the release of endorphins, which are the hormones that make you feel good.

Of course, the disadvantage is that the more you drink, the more damage you will do to your body and your liver and, the next morning, you will feel very bad due to what is known as a hangover, since alcohol can also be considered A depressive.

So for the release of endorphins, better exercise because it has multiple lasting benefits to improve your mood and is also very effective in managing stress.

In addition, a sunny summer day is a free source of vitamin D, which fights depression and anxiety.

As you see, what alcohol does is to decrease the work you have done all year round in the gym and can cause you to gain weight and all the diet results you have been following are going to the fret.

One tip for the summer is that you drink, that you do not dehydrate since this dehydration is something that produces alcohol.

Ideally, after each glass of alcohol, you should drink a good glass of water. And, if you do not want to give up taking some alcohol, mix it with fruit juice with plenty of ice.

If you still do not want to say goodbye to alcohol during the summer, choose those options that have fewer calories, such as beer.

And most importantly, never forget to eat if you are going to drink alcohol.

I hope with these tips in your mind, you’ll get perfect nutrition with which to keep your health at bay this summer.