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Stefflon Don is a British Rapper and is named one of the fastest-rising female rappers in the world. She has given almost 197 million streams on the music app Spotify. Recently, she came up with a single song known as “Can’t Let You Go” which was a huge hit. Stefflon Don net worth is 6 million dollars by being the richest rapper.

Stefflon has Jamaican parents, but she was born in the United Kingdom. She not only sings, but she also has the talent to write her songs. She is very talented, and she made a massive name in the music industry. She had a passion for music from an early age of life. She won many awards, and her many songs were a massive hit among her fans.

Name: Stefflon Don
Birth Place:  Birmingham, United Kingdom
Date of Birth:  Dec 14, 1991
Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius
Autumn Falls Net Worth: $6 million
Profession: Rapper, songwriter, singer
Nationality: England
Age: 32 years old
Family: Parents, six siblings
Real Name: Stephanie Victoria Allen

Stefflon Don’s Early Life

On Dec 14, 1991, she was born in Birmingham state of United Kingdom. She spent her childhood with her parents and six siblings.

Her parents are of Jamaican descent. But all of these siblings were born in the United Kingdom. When Stefflon was only five years old, she moved to the Netherlands with her family.

When she was living in Rotterdam, Stefflon got her first experience working in a music studio. At that time, she recorded a song for a rapper known as U-Niq.

As she grew up in that country, she watched her passion grow in writing and singing music. Moreover, when she was fourteen years old, she moved back to England.

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Stefflon Don Education

She got her early education in the Netherlands because she moved to that country when she was five years old. She passed the St. Thomas Moore Comprehensive.

Then she graduated from high school. In the struggling days, she worked as a hairdresser and cake decorator. She was also pursuing music at that time.

Stefflon Don Music Career

When she was a child, Stefflon always found herself attracted to music; that’s why she dreamed of being a singer and rapper in the UK.

She started singing with her brothers and sisters. She sang many songs as covers for many big-named artists at the start. She is a world-renowned female rapper and singer making a considerable net worth.

In 2015, she recorded a song for UK rapper Wretch 32’s. That collaboration opened many doors for her in the music industry.

She worked with many big names in the music industry. Stefflon released a mixtape named “Real Ting” in Dec 2016. This song was a massive hit on YouTube gaining millions of views.

Stefflon Don Awards and Achievements

She released her first lead single named “Hurtin’ Me,” which was a huge hit and made her famous. That song reached seven on the UK singles chart, a significant achievement for Stefflon. In addition, she won the award of best female rapper in 2017 at the MOBO Awards ceremony.

Stefflon Don Net Worth 2024

She gained a considerable net worth by singing and rapping different songs for a long time. She made lead singles and collaborated with prominent singers. Stefflon Don’s net worth is 6 million dollars. Today she has a big house and many cars.

Stefflon Don’s net worth is $5 million dollars. Today she has a big house and many cars.

Stefflon Don’s Personal Life

When she was seventeen years old, Stefflon had a son. However, there is no information about the daddy of her son yet.

Recently, Stefflon was in a relationship with Nigerian singer Burna Boy, an African giant. The couple made their relationship official in Feb 2019 after Stefflon posted a photo of them enjoying a vacation in Ghana.

Stefflon Don Family

Stefflon was brought up with her parents and six siblings. All of her siblings were also attracted to music. So she recorded many songs with them. One of the brothers is also a rapper named Dutchavelli. She is still in touch with them and portrays a happy family.


Stefflon Don now falls in the category of richest female rappers worldwide with the net worth of $6 million. She worked very hard to make such a massive name in the music industry.  Stefflon told the world that nothing is impossible; all you have to do is make efforts with patience.


Does Stefflon Don have a child?

Stefflon Don became a mother to a son, whom she named Jaylen, when she was 17 years old. Additionally, she is the sibling of Dutchavelli, who is also a rapper.

Why did Stefflon Don stop going to church?

Stefflon Don explains that she stopped attending church because she felt that the church had become too focused on making money. She further elaborates that she made this decision when she noticed that the preachers were wearing nicer watches than she was.

Is Burna Boy married to Stefflon Don?

No, Burna Boy is not married. He has been in a relationship with Stefflon Don for three years, which has been publicly confirmed.