How To Make Tablets Safe For Kids

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Tablets Safe For Kids

The world of technology is such that its remarkable evolution has never failed to leave mankind flabbergasted- they just don’t seem to show us surprises. When I was a kid- the revelation of touchscreen phones was like such a big deal that I was actually worried that it wouldn’t get better than this- but look where we have come now! Modern day kids are mesmerized by technology and you can’t pull them out from it- as a result, many parents adapt to the change of times and buy their kids tablet.

Why The Need For Safety?

A tablet is a portable PC, typically with a mobile processor. In layman’s term, it falls in the place between laptop and mobile phones. The characteristics of tablet seemed to make it a perfect choice for parents. You might be wondering why they don’t just give their kids a smartphone or a laptop. The answer to that question is the concern for safety. One of the biggest concerns of parents is the adverse effects that technology brings about- and they should rightfully be afraid! Tablets and any modern devices hold devastating potential. They may look cool but the safety factor should never be ignored.

Manufacturers have always tried developing tablets which are already programmed for enhanced safety. You can check the best form of safe entertainment. These tablets are custom designed to tackle the harmful side of technology- however- it is highly recommended to take more safety precautions!

Of the many things a tablet can do to harm your kids- there are about 3 major things that you can work on to increase the overall the safety of tablets for your kids.

1) Internet Protection:

Internet Protection

This is perhaps the most obvious contender on the list. The Internet is, in fact, a threat to everyone, if not used with care. For kids, the dangers are probably doubled!  There are many applications that can be installed in your child’s tablet which will monitor their internet activity- this is will increase their safety by preventing them from entering sites which can do them harm in the long run. Another option is to block some sites from the tablet’s browser, or you can even stop the browser all together- but then again your kid won’t be so happy about it! Your kid wandering off to malicious sites isn’t the only danger internet poses for tablet users- there are people who prey on kids on the internet.

The world we live in has significant evil in it – so this potential shouldn’t be ignored. Often blocking malicious sites solves this problem; however, these people can lurk in the day to day social media sites- to maximize the safety of your child enable all privacy features that are available in their tablet. Some tablets have a parent account embedded in them- that way you can be notified about your child’s activity. If your kid’s tablet has location enabled in them- which is basically showing the internet your location- you should turn it off as that might pose a threat in rare circumstances.

2) Adverse Entertainment:

Adverse Entertainment

This problem is on the increase- there are in fact many shows and cartoons that promote things which no kids should dare even think about. I know this sounds silly, but according to Fisher Price T.V shows play a major role in determining a kid’s mental development.  Having a tablet means your kid has the access to the infinite world of entertainment, and often kids fail to make the right choice. The solution to this problem is simple: guard the source! This means when downloading or streaming any show you should get to have the permitting rights- many tablets have that option in them. If it’s not available you can always use applications to do it.

3) Gaming Addictions:

Gaming Addictions

Kids are mad over gaming! If you are curious to know why they love gaming so much you should consider the article on children’s education. Games have been around for a very long time, and in all phases of times, kids have shown their active interest. Tablets, however, make it very simple for kids to access games, therefore, the addiction factor is intensified. Gaming addiction has several bad effects from eye straining to distractions in the study. In fact, some violent games have long time effects on your kid’s overall development. To tackle this problem, you have to do the same as advised for entertainment. Being in control of what games your kid’s play puts you in a very big advantage. But you also need to take one more step to make tablet usage safe: give your child limited amount of time each day to participate in games!

I would like to end by saying give your best shot to make your kid’s tablet safe, but don’t take the fun out of tablets while doing so.