All That You Need To Know Before Getting Tragus Piercing

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Tragus Piercing

Ear piercing has always been in vogue for women. But over the years, it has come a long way as men too are flaunting ear piercing as their style statement. Today, ear piercing has gone experimental as people are looking beyond wearing earrings just on the earlobes. Tragus piercing is perhaps the coolest trend that style lovers are following these days. The tragus refers to the small cartilaginous triangle which lies right above the ear canal. Piercing the tragus is a little different piercing the earlobe because of the anatomical difference between the two. So here are a few things that you opt for the job:

1) It Differs From Normal Piercing:

Normal piercing involves flesh while tragus is cartilage, which happens to be thicker and harder than flesh. So you can expect it to be a little more painful than a standard job as more pressure is needed to make way through the thicker area. However, this is nothing to be fearful about as the basic sting of the needle remains the same in both the cases. The rest depends on your capacity to endure pain.

2) It Should Always Be Done by A Professional:

Always go to a professional studio for a tragus piercing job because it requires the skill and deftness of expert hands along with the right kind of equipment. Some piercing may use guns instead of needles for the job but this is a wrong practice. An experienced professional will always use a sharp, hollow and sterile needle to pierce the tragus. The use of the right equipment ensures that the risk of infection, as well as the trauma, is reduced to the minimum.

3) It Requires A Good After-Care Routine:

Piercing is a procedure that opens up a skin spot, making it susceptible to infections. Therefore, a good after-care routine is essential to ward off germs and bacteria. Tragus is an easy piercing when it comes to after-care because you need not do much to keep the area clean. Use a sterile saline product to clean the piercing twice a day. Make sure that your hands are properly washed before you touch the affected area. Twist and rotate the jewelry while cleaning the tragus to prevent the formation of buildup. Visit the piercing professional if you notice any signs of infection.

4) It is Not For Everyone:

Another fact about getting this kind of piercing is that not everyone is the right candidate for it.  If your tragus is too small in size, the professional will not pierce it as this involves a risk for ripping. It is recommended that you should always seek expert advice to see if you fit the criteria as unscrupulous service providers may do it to make money.

5) It Does Not Risk Your Hearing At All:

Since tragus lies outside the ear canal, the risk for hearing damage is absolutely minimal. Still, you need to get it done from only an expert to ensure that there are no complications and the job is done properly and hygienically.

Getting your tragus pierced is an exciting prospect as it can make you stand apart in the crowd. But considering the complexity of the job, you should get it done by someone who has the right skill set and experience.