Don’t Expect News On Visceral’s Star Wars Game At E3

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Visceral’s Star Wars Game At E3

Star Wars Battlefront 2 was the star of the show at EA Play 2017, with a full half hour of Electronic Arts’ pre-E3 press briefing dedicated to the game’s multiplayer component. Of course, EA is also working on two other major Star Wars titles — separate action/adventure projects from Visceral Games and Respawn Entertainment. However, EA didn’t mention either game at EA Play, and it sounds like we’ll have to keep waiting for more concrete information.

Amy Hennig, senior creative director at Visceral, is heading up the studio’s Star Wars title. Responding to a tweet lamenting the lack of updates on the game, Hennig said, “It’s [Battlefront 2’s] year – very proud of our friends at DICE and Motive! We’re still hard at work on our game, though, have no fear…”

Hennig, who was the creative director on the first three Uncharted games at Naughty Dog, left the studio in early 2014 to join Visceral and helm the untitled Star Wars project. We don’t know much about it, although Nolan North — who played Uncharted protagonist Nathan Drake and is a friend of Hennig’s — said in mid-June 2015 that it is a Star Wars game “in the style of Uncharted.”

Todd Stashwick, who is the co-writer of Visceral’s Star Wars game, echoed Hennig’s sentiments in his own tweet. “It’s their time,” Stashwick said of DICE and Motive’s Battlefront 2. “We will have our day in the twin suns.”

Stockholm-based EA DICE and Montreal-based Motive Studios are working together on Battlefront 2. Unlike its predecessor, it has a single-player campaign; the story takes place after Return of the Jedi and stars an Imperial navy commander.

With 2017 being Battlefront 2’s year, as Hennig put it, we may have to wait a while to hear about her project or the one that Stig Asmussen is leading at Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment. The radio silence does seem a bit surprising, since EA discussed all of its Star Wars projects — and showed a snippet of early in-game footage of Visceral’s game — a year ago at EA Play 2017. We’ve reached out to EA for more details, and we’ll update this article with any information we receive.