Top 19 Best Whatsapp Status Downloader Apps for Android in 2021

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Publish stories first came with the app called Snapchat. Later on, this concept got adopted by other apps, including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and of course, WhatsApp as well.

WhatsApp status is growing into a common spot for people by which they can able to share all kinds of stuff within their phone contacts easily. Although WhatsApp also allows some privacy customization as well, you can choose the privacy within three options, including:

  1. My Contacts
  2. My Contact Except
  3. Only Share With.

You can easily choose whatever privacy settings you want to put on your statuses. But have you ever wondered about saving those awesome statuses from your contacts into your phone? When your friends putting amazing or unique information as to their statuses, sometimes, we want to save that status into our devices to check it later, right?

And that’s why we are here with the top 19 best WhatsApp status downloader apps for Android. With the help of such applications, you can easily download any size or limit of statuses directly from your WhatsApp, so let’s have a look at them.

1. Status Saver

One of the best and the cleanest design WhatsApp status downloader for you. This app offers you all the important tools and features which allow you to save your statuses without any issue instantly.

You can save WhatsApp status straight away to your phone’s gallery; you can even watch videos right in the app before even saving, and as well as repost a status with no need of saving.

There would be limits and no issue with the file size at all, open up the app, and start using or viewing your statuses with the perfect picture quality. This application is all free and easily available on the Google Play Store for easy access.

Quick Features

  • Easy repost: yes, you can easily repost the statuses you like without any need to save them. Just with the help of one click, you can repost the status conveniently.
  • Built-in image viewer: of course, the application has come with the built-in features of image viewer and video player to give you all the entertainment package.
  • Multi save: the use of this application is quite very easy, and you can save multiple items, easily delete them, or just enjoying your repost activity.

[appbox googleplay com.lazygeniouz.saveit]

2. Status Saver – Downloader for Whatsapp Video

Status Saver Downloader for Whatsapp app will be let you able to go further and download photo images, videos, and even GIF, without any hassle.

With the help of this new status account feature of Whatsapp, the new App 2020 also offering you to share such statuses right from this app to your loved ones and saves your time and device’s space as well.

Also, you can do some editing as well while using this app. It will save your time and effort in saving statuses one by one. You can explore daily of the new and trending status video within its 2019 editor and creator.

Quick Features

  • Support different languages: yes, the app is really good in all the performance and clean interface. However, it offers you different languages support, including English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Punjabi, Telugu, Odia, Kannada, Malayalam.
  • Resharing activity: with the help of this free app, you can easily reshare your HD videos for your friends and family straight from the app.
  • Safe profile picture: of course, along with statuses, you can even save a full-size profile picture of your contacts so easily. The use of this app is very good and supportive.

[appbox googleplay com.downlood.sav.whmedia]

3. VidStatus – Share Your Video Status

Would you like to get all those statuses free of download and video statuses in different languages, including Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, and instantly share your awesome feelings on your WhatsApp status video?

Then you need to try this VidStatus – Video Status Downloader App! This app offers you a good collection of free downloading famous and trending video status for your WhatsApp.

You can enjoy all those different categories of videos statuses directly to your WhatsApp status. No need to ask your friends to share their WhatsApp video statuses when you can have your collection right now.

Quick Features

  • Different languages available: you can download or save different languages of video statuses directly to your phone, and you can put those videos as your WhatsApp status.
  • Sharing option: yes, you can share such video statuses to your other social media accounts with just one sharing option; it is so easy to use.
  • Editing availability: with some wonderful statuses, you can even edit your videos with the help of this application.

[appbox googleplay]

4. Status Saver – Status Downloader for WhatsApp

Status Downloader for WhatsApp is one of the fastest ways for you to easily save and secure, share, or even repost any of your favorite statuses directly onto your WhatsApp status. With the help of this Status Saver for WhatsApp, you will be able to save all types of WhatsApp media such as images, GIFs, and even Videos.

Status Saver for WhatsApp is a very easy going app that is also very light in weight in size so that your device won’t get much space after downloading this one.

This feature is also capable of your offline activities, like if you are offline, then still, you can save all the statuses and videos with just simple clicks.

Quick Features

  • Fast download speed: of course, always get the fast download speed whatever you want to download. This saver can save your life and time while saving all your available statuses.
  • Easy sharing: yes, it has come with the easy sharing process; you can even share such statuses all over to your other social media accounts.
  • Reposting: repost any statuses without any issue. You don’t need to save the status; you can easily repost it without saving.

[appbox googleplay com.nexa.statusdownloaderforwp]

5. Status Downloader New 2018

This easy to use an application called Status Downloader New 2018 will allow you to experience further the convenient option to save, share a photo, and or even video stories within this app.

The use of this app is quite easy and convenient for everyone out there. You need to click onto the Status Tab and then select all the available photos, videos, and even GIFs; then your downloading will be starting within no time.

This application is one of the easiest ways for you to save all your available statuses without any complications; this is all free and gives you a user-friendly interface. Anyone can use the application to keep their loved one’s statuses saved.

Quick Features

  • Easy download and repost: the application allows you to easily download and repost all your available statuses so that it can save your time and space as well.
  • Save multiple photos: of course, no need to click images and videos one by one, this application can save it multiple photos and videos so easily.
  • Inbuilt story viewer: with the help of this feature, you can instantly watch out all the statuses, including photos and videos, straight into the app.

[appbox googleplay whats.appfree.statusdownloader]

6. VMate Status 2019 – Video Status & Status Downloader

This VMate Status 2019 application is all free and needs no more subscription charges at all. However, VMate is a type of video platform that offers you something with rich and interesting video status, so that you can able to share further and even watch for free.

And as well as, you can even download and store such amazing quality video songs just for free within less than seconds or so. This application is very useful for watching interesting categories videos and share them easily.

VMate Status 2019 will offer you all the supports of SNS for video fans. Whereas, you can be able to easily follow your friends and as well as start chatting with them. You can also download the videos for free and then share them out to all your social media account.

Quick Features

  • Fast, free download: always enjoy watching videos without paying any cost, this app will let you enjoy to get free downloads with fast speed.
  • Various categories: in the app, you may find a wide variety of categories, including funny clips, memes, sad stories, and much more.
  • Easy to use: the application is really easy to use; what you have to do is to install the app, open it, and search for your favorite category.

7. Status Saver – Whats Status Video Download App

The use of this app is really easy and interesting; you need to first install the app directly into your phone and then open it. Once you enable the app, you need to visit your statuses, press a long click, and some options will appear onto your screen, including download the video/image.

You can instantly save status; you can even delete status or as well as cancel the selection. However, when your phone contacts update any of their statuses, you will easily see it through the app.

This app is very interesting for you; it will allow you to save the maximum size of status videos and images without any issue. You will automatically see all the new updated statuses from your contacts in the app.

Quick Features

  • Multiple save and resharing: of course, you can easily save multiple items and can be able enough to further reshare them through your external apps or other social media accounts.
  • Easy settings: it is very easy to set all the settings of the app; the clean interface will let you able to enjoy every feature perfectly.
  • Fast save: it will always provide you with easy downloading and as well as fast save speed, click it, and that’s all, it won’t take much time.

[appbox googleplay com.akapps.statussaver]

8. Status Downloader for Whatsapp

Do you want to save all those exciting statuses from your contacts? Do you want to share all those statuses to your other social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram? Then this app is the right choice for you.

This app is a comfortable platform for you by which you can enjoy to watch and save your favorite statuses. Once you install the application successfully into your phone, open the app, and it will start to scan your contact’s profile photos and statuses.

After completing the scan, you will be able to easily save your favorite statues and even profile photos of your contacts. The application saves everything within the high-quality image size.

Quick Features

  • Suitable for above 4.0 Android: if your device is less than 4.0 Android, then you have to update it so that you can able to download and install this application easily.
  • Light in weight: of course, the application is light in weight with a size of around 3 MB only, it won’t take much space for sure.
  • Reshare to other apps: the application also allows you to reshare the statuses to your other social media accounts without any need to save them.

[appbox googleplay]

9. Status downloader – status saver & story saver

Status downloader is the best application that offers you free features so that you can save all of your friend’s video status, photo images, and even GIFs. Liked a Friend’s Status and badly wanted to save it? Enjoy this application ahead.

You can easily explore daily new and some trending video status of 2019 and much more. You can be able to view, save status, or even though easily; you can share with other apps as well.

This is a very easy to use app that doesn’t take much space on your device but offers you extraordinary features and an unlimited package of fun. Now WhatsApp status downloads become so easy.

Quick Features

  • Easy navigation: of course, the application is so easy and convenient for your everyday use. However, it also offers you easy navigation along with different platforms.
  • Support multiple apps: yes, you can even download stories from your other apps as well; this is not just for WhatsApp, but for other apps too.
  • Easy and fast saving: always get the fast and easiest saving feature when you start using this app to download your favorite statuses with photos, videos, and even GIFs as well.

[appbox googleplay com.ivision.appstatusdownloader]

10. VidStatus – Video Status App image & Text

VidStatus is the best app for you, which shows you the free short video Status so that you can easily watch, download, and as well as can able to further share trending videos directly to your WhatsApp Videos and even your other social media.

In VidStatus, you may also get lyrical video song status, as well as you can watch and even Download Video Status within many different languages. There will be different categories available for your videos to download for your WhatsApp status.

You may find lots of different categories and wonderful video statuses for your social media accounts. However, all videos are free of cost and come in a small size so that it won’t take much space in your device.

Quick Features

  • Small video size: the best quality of this app would be its small video size benefit. That means the app will never take much space in your device and give you all the entertainment thing.
  • Smart search: you can easily search your favorite songs and videos with the help of its smart search that makes you able to find out your favorite category instantly.
  • Status downloader: this will help you to easily download and save your friend’s statuses, including photos, GIFs, and videos too.

[appbox googleplay]

11. Status Downloader for Whatsapp& Status Saver – Wa

Status Downloader for Whatsapp that offers you a lot more features and exciting way of unlimited fun. You can save Video Status as well without any seeing of ads or other distractions. This app is all free and allows you to download Video, images Status, and as well as Gif Status from your WhatsApp.

Although you will be able to further directly share, you save video status & also images with your friends, and you can share statuses throughout your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Downloading and saving features are very easy and convenient for everyone. You need to click on the status you want to save, and the app will do it all automatically without taking much space in your device.

Quick Features

  • Download with HD quality: of course, when you start downloading your status or photos through this app, it will give you a clear HD image quality.
  • No more ads: there will be no more ads shown in this app at all. You will be able to watch statuses of videos with no ads or other distractions.
  • User-friendly design: the overall quality is really good; however, you can directly share your status or images with your other apps.

[appbox googleplay com.smartinternet.whatsapp.statussaver]

12. WhatsAssist | Status Saver | Download Image Video

Are you looking to have something that can help you with downloading and saving all of your friend’s statuses? If you are willing to find out an app that is all free of cost and allows you to save video statuses and even GIFs as well, then here you go with the right app.

This app may provide you with the quickest feature of downloading and saving video statuses, plus you can download photos and GIFs as well. It is a time-saving app for you by which you can download WhatsApp statuses from your contact’s fellows.

You can quickly save any of your Whatsapp statuses just with the help of this WhatsAssist. WhatsAssist also provides you with an option like Share Status, which will allow you to share the status without saving it.

Quick Features

  • Instantly save status: the app may allow you to enjoy some instant downloading features right away. You can be able to download and save statuses with just one click.
  • User-friendly design: of course, it is very easy to operate the design is very awesome in looks, and overall it is a lightweight application.
  • Fullscreen WhatsApp view: you can watch your WhatsApp status videos and photos with its full-screen mode, this will give you all the benefits to use it for a better purpose.

[appbox googleplay com.whatsassist]

13. DP and Status Video For Whatsapp

This one is the best free app available in the Play Store for all Android users. You can save and download profile pictures and WhatsApp statuses without any issue, launch the app and enjoy your unlimited downloading ahead.

There would be a new trend waving in the air where users, especially the WhatsApp users, want to store their friend’s statuses, so that’s why this app will help those who wanted to keep all the statuses save and download.

This app has been developed especially for you; you will get many things here, including the best video song status along with different categories, enjoy the songs ahead, and they are all available in a small size file.

Quick Features

  • Different categories available: yes, there would be different categories available for your downloads, search your favorite category in the app, and enjoy video statuses ahead.
  • Support various languages: it can also support various languages, such as English, Tamil, Kannada, and much more.
  • Small size files: of course, there would be only small size files available so that you can download them easily into your device without any issue.

[appbox googleplay]

14. Status Save To Gallery – Status Viewer

This is one of the WhatsApp statuses save apps for you, which is free and comes with some mind-blowing built-in features. You need to open the app Status Save To Gallery App further, then go ahead and view all statuses.

You can even save the statuses in your device gallery with just a single click. This is an awesome app for you by which you can find a lot more easiness, and you can view all those statuses right away from your phone’s storage.

However, it is a lightweight app that doesn’t take much space on your device, so feel free to install the application now. Although, Status Save To Gallery is the first App that will allow you to save further Normal and business status in one place.

Quick Features

  • View all statuses: the main point of having this app right on your devices would be its view to all statuses option. You can instantly view all of your statuses right from your gallery.
  • Delete option: of course, you may also get the delete option built-in the app, go to its settings, and further enable the feature.
  • Direct sharing: you can even enjoy direct sharing to those statuses from all over to your other social media accounts quickly; this is an easy app for you.

[appbox googleplay com.saamzing.status_save_to_gallery]

15. Status Saver – Pic/Video Downloader for WhatsApp

Now there would be no need to demand or ask your friends to share their statuses with you or privately send you. You can easily do it on your own; this free app is here to let you able to easily download and save all those important WhatsApp statuses at once.

That would be so good for you to instantly save statuses without any need to take a screenshot again and again. The app will allow you to download your favorite statuses with just a single click quickly, and that’s all.

Furthermore, the app is really neat and clean and doesn’t contain any ads. So, you can freely install it into your devices and use it right away. It is very light in weight as well and makes your device working properly.

Quick Features

  • Easy to use: of course, it is a user-friendly design, which allows the users to use it without any hesitation, the overall neat and clean application for you.
  • Support multi save and delete: yes, it can allow you to choose multi statuses instead of selecting one by one, and that’s how you can save your time.
  • One-click download: only with the help of a single click option, your all statuses plus videos and photos will be saved into your devices automatically.

[appbox googleplay]

16. Status Download for Whatsapp 2019 – Status Saver

Status Downloader for Whatsapp app is here with all the important and necessary features that will give you the ability to store your WhatsApp statuses in the app and watch them later. It is very easy to use and simple in design.

You can easily download all of your statuses, including videos, photos, and even GIFs as well. The app is all free of cost and won’t charge you a single penny in the future. Just install the app for once on your device and enjoy the features ahead.

The application provides you with a useful option to store WhatsApp statuses, which the app itself doesn’t offer you this function. The status saver app helps you in a way to download your favorite most beautiful WhatsApp Status.

Quick Features

  • Download and repost: this status saver application allows you to download your WhatsApp statuses instantly, and you can even repost the statuses right away with no further steps.
  • Full-screen viewer: it has a built-in full-screen viewer that gives you a view of your statuses in a full-screen resolution so that you can enjoy the quality.
  • Fast and secure: absolutely, this application is faster than you think, it won’t make your device slow like others, and it is also secure concerning your privacy.

[appbox googleplay com.status.whatstatusdownload]

17. Status Saver for WhatsApp & Status Downloader

This will be a free of cost WhatsApp status saver application for you that will surely provide you with the features to download status videos and photos right into the app so that you can watch them later or share them with your other apps.

However, we know how sad it feels when your friends posted something in the form of status, and you can’t do anything but taking screenshots for later use, right? Then here, this app can solve your problems straightly.

You need to open the Status Saver for WhatsApp & Status Downloader application, which is all free and as well as easy to use. With the help of using this app, users will be able to download status further easily (Status images/photos and videos), and of course, they can even share it with other social accounts.

Quick Features

  • Download videos: this application is all free, and it allows you to download video statuses as well without losing the HD quality of original videos.
  • Easy to use: of course, it very easy to use, no need for complications steps and process at all, install the app, open it, and start downloading your statuses.
  • User-friendly design: such a neat and clean interface by which you won’t find any issue with using the app, so enjoy watching your WhatsApp stories.

[appbox googleplay]

18. Status Saver Videos Download: save all stories

Another great app is here WhatsApp status, which is a free application that helps you to store your favorite collection of WhatsApp stories and stay tension free. You don’t need to view the stories every time before 24hours of the period; this app allows you to watch those stories even after 24hours.

It offers you the offline feature by which you can be able to view such statuses even after they disappear from the stories. This is one of the finest apps for you to let you enjoy all the fun and save all your statuses with just one click.

Although, you may find so many categories of WhatsApp statuses that you can easily share with your loved ones right away. These video statuses are all free and come within an HD quality to give you the best of all.

Quick Features

  • Instantly share: one of the fastest apps ever that will never take your much time in a downloading process, you can experience instant sharing with this one.
  • Different categories available: of course, there would be different categories available in the statuses which allow you to download or save your favorite one.
  • Easy to use: it is also very good, and it is easy to use as well; it is one of the effective apps for you, which is available on the play store free of cost.

[appbox googleplay com.dataapps.whatsapp.statusdownloader]

19. WhatSaga | Longer Stories | Save Status

WhatSaga is a service tool for you that is available to help further you to easily post your longer stories more than 30 seconds just by splitting them within parts of 29-second so that your long videos can be seen easily onto your status.

You can easily post long video statuses directly to your WhatsApp within just simple steps. You don’t need to cut out all the statuses manually, you have this app now, and it will do it for you without even asking you again and again.

The application is very easy to use and made up of all neat and clean design features. You don’t need to worry about the size at all, because this application is very light in weight and never takes much space. So, you can easily install it on your devices.

Quick Features

  • Easy to trim longer videos: yes, the application will automatically trim down your longer videos and make different parts with 29 seconds of limit so that you can put it on your stories easily.
  • Easy sharing option: such an easy sharing to all your other social media account, if you like something, then pick it up and share it right away.
  • Clean design: the application is an all neat and clean design by which you can operate it easily without taking any many complications or issues.

[appbox googleplay in.whatsaga.whatsapplongerstatus]


So, here is the end of the top 19 best WhatsApp status downloader apps for Android. These applications are considered one of the best ones among others available on the Play Store. We just selected those applications which are all free of cost, so that you can enjoy using and watching your favorite statuses offline.

We know people are going crazy to download WhatsApp statuses, but they feel sad when they can’t find the right application for this purpose. And that’s why we made up this huge collection for you where you can find different apps to download or store your WhatsApp statuses instantly.

So, why are you waiting for? Just pick up the best WhatsApp saver application from those reviews mentioned above and start using it ahead. But of course, don’t forget to share your favorite application with us in our below comment section.