11 Things You Should Not Pack During Your Move

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The most vital part of moving to a new location is the packing. You have a large number of items in front of your and your mind is at sea, thinking how to pack your entire home. Although you decide to hire a moving agency to pack and load your household stuffs, you should keep in mind that your mover will not decide the list of packing items for you. There are innumerable household appliances and several small and big size objects which make place in every home. At the time of packing, you might feel all the stuffs at your place are worth-taking along with you. But, you should think carefully before you start the packing process.

Is it necessary to pack all the toys and clothes of your kids? Is it required to pack all the kitchen appliances? Is it requisite to pack all the books, showpieces, cushions and all the items placed at your abode? Sit back and think before you start doing your packing. There could be many items which might not be essential. Also, transporting some of your valuables might be chancy. There could be some items which turn out to be hazardous in the later period. There are some items which are illegal to transport in another state.

There are some non-allowable items which you should not carry during relocation. Therefore, it is imperative to know the items you are allowed to carry and ship at your new location. Carrying unnecessary items will complicate the process of moving. Hence, you should make a list of essential and non-essential items before you pack. On one hand, you have to note down the things you need and have to pack for your new place. On the other hand, you have to sort out the unwanted and unrestricted items you have to leave behind at your old residence. To know the list of unwanted objects which you should not pack while moving, you should read this article to have a clear idea of the items which can ease your move.


Keep aside your valuables such as important official documents, money, ATM and credit cards and jewelry. These are the treasures items which you should not take along with you. Before you stay at your new residence, transfer all your valuables in the deposit box at your desired bank. Keep some cash and ATM cards handy for emergency purposes. And change address in USPS so that you keep getting all your important documents at your new address. Megcor has a step by step guide if you need any help.

Household Cleaners:

It is natural that every house is bound to use household cleaners to keep kitchen area, sinks, bathroom and other corners of your home clean and hygiene. Chemicals contain in the cleaners are baleful. The leftover part of the cleaners should be left behind at your old residence. The toxic chemicals of the cleaners, if carried away into the truck, then the chances of breaking fire are high. Such harmful chemicals can create mishaps any time and the gases which would come out of the fumes are fatal and dangerous. Therefore, household cleaners should not be loaded into the moving truck.

Unwanted Items:

Among the heap of household objects, you will come across several stuffs which might seem unwanted for you. You may find some cracked or repaired pieces of household belongings, clothes with faded colors or unfit for you, your kids’ broken toys, a large size furniture pieces which might not fit in the small living room of your new house, some knick-knacks, old crockery, or books which you have read countless times. The best way to rid of the aforementioned items is to donate at an organization or organize a yard sale, so that some needy people can make use of the items.

Hazardous Objects:

For household use, it is natural you would need to make use of items which contain poisonous chemicals and are termed as hazardous. It is recommended not to transport such toxic items during your move. You can either give away the hazardous items to your friends and neighbors to use or dispose them by seeking guidance of expert people who know the right way to dispose of flammable items at a proper place. Hazardous items such as kerosene, acids, fire extinguisher, household batteries, liquid bleach, nail polish remover, aerosols, paints, pesticides and so on are unsafe to carry along with other household stuffs into the moving truck. The items mentioned above are reckoned as explosive and corrosive. Such hazardous chemicals are prohibited items and should be chucked out as soon as possible. Read the local regulations carefully before disposing of such corrosive items.

Lighter Fluid And Matches:

Do not pack lighter fluid or carry match boxes along with other household belongings into the moving van. As lighter fluid is an extremely flammable item and can create combustion, it is advisable to leave behind the explosive object. Avoid combustible fluids and liquids for safety purposes.

Soap-Based Materials:

Before packing soap-based objects such as shampoo, conditioners, or other materials which create foam, you must have knowledge whether such items are allowed to place in the rental van when moving. Some soap-based materials might contain harmful chemicals which can turn out chancy. If necessary, talk with the official agencies to know the proper method of getting rid of those items.

Gardening Tools:

If you are fond of gardening, then you must be thinking of packing the gardening tools such as weed killers and fertilizers. Wait a bit before you start to pack. Loading the gardening tools into the moving van is highly risky, as the substances are not allowed to be placed in hot places. Transition of such substances can cause mishaps on the way. Hence, dump the plans of packing away the gardening objects for the safety of your pricey belongings.


If you keep a loaded gun at home for security reasons, want to pack and move along with you, then halt for a moment. Check the law of the state you are moving to. Loaded ammunition can make a deadly situation, if transported in a hot environment. If the state permits you to take your desired ammunition during the relocation, then you must place it in an air-conditioned four-wheeler. Take all precautionary measures before packing such deadly object.

Flower Pots And Plants:

Undoubtedly, you would like to take your favorite plants and flowers pots with you at your new destination. Are you permitted to transport your prized plants across the state? Check with the authority of the state or city you are shifting to and know under what conditions you can transport the plants. As plants cannot be left without water and sunshine for long hours; hence, it is requisite to know how soon the plants will get shipped at your new abode.

Car Batteries:

Remove the car batteries and set them aside. Packing car batteries can result in combustion, as the batteries of your car are not apt to get moved into the moving van. The batteries are potent to cause leak and create fire hazard during the process of a move.

Toss Out Food Items:

Will your relocation take long hours? If yes, then toss out perishable food items or give away to the needy people. Consider giving the remaining cooked foods to the local food bank. Frozen or packaged foods can get spoiled or rotten during transition. Hence, dry foods which are sealed in packets should be handed over to your family friends or neighbors.

Forestall all sorts of risks and hazards at the time of moving. Any negligence or ignorance taken at your end will aggravate the moving process. With a little careful planning and knowledge, you can make the moving procedure not risky for yourself and others. Have a quick glance on the 11 vital things which you should never pack while relocation in order to have a safe move.