5 Causes of Insomnia and How to Overcome Them

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Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that can face anyone. At one point in your life, for reason or another, sleep deprivation can come in and when it knocks in, you need to know the causes. It is recommended that people should sleep for at least 8 hours to be able to wake up the next day fresh. Your circadian rhythm is what determines the sleep and wake-up cycle so if it is impaired, you will not be able to have the best sleep. There are many ways to overcome insomnia, one of them being use of CBN oil.

Stress Levels Being High

As a human being, psychological stress can hit any time. Stress factors include relationship issues, work problems, poor grades at school or just any feeling of inadequacy. When you cannot manage your stress, even sleeping at night becomes a problem. To help yourself get out of that situation, first get a counselling specialist who can give you a therapy session. These people are aware of many life problems and they have an approach to make you see the world and problems from a different perspective. Mental relief brings brain relaxation and when you have brain relaxation, you can comfortably sleep.

Tight Schedule at Work or Business

Are you the type of guys who wake at 5am and come back to the house at 10pm? It happens nowadays so people don’t get time even to sleep. When you have such a schedule, you will have insufficient sleep because it means you are always on the move and thinking. Get an assistant who can always be there for you to ensure you get some hours to have sufficient sleep. Once your circadian rhythm is impaired, getting sleep becomes a problem.

Mental Disorders

You cannot sleep when anxious because you are always worried and restless. Anxiety, panic attacks and depression are some of the conditions that rob people of their sleep at night. You can end up staying awake simply because you are worried. To help yourself get out of that situation, get medications called anxiolytics that can reduce anxiety. You can as well use the CBD related products that can be in the form of cbd e-liquid. Using CBD normalizes your brain firing of impulses so even its functioning is regulated. You are able to stay calm, relaxed and be able to sleep at night.

Eating Too Much Before You Sleep

Eating too much before you go to sleep is an enemy to better sleep. The blood will increase in your gut to help in digestion which means you won’t be relaxed. Some people also experience a lot of heartburn when they eat a heavy meal before going to sleep. To help you overcome this, eat three hours before your sleep time.

Poor Sleeping Habits

You sleep but you have your phone to chat or play video games until past midnight, that is not good. Installing a TV in your bedroom for you to watch movies before you sleep, that is bad and it can lead to insufficient sleep. Leave any distracting factors out of your bedroom so that you get sufficient sleep every day.


Insomnia can be stopped if one exercises the above tips. Make it a habit to ensure you avoid disruptions when you sleep. This is because sleeping and disruptions don’t go together. If you have any mental impairment, see a counsellor or a psychologist. People using drugs or alcohol must stop because such things precipitate insomnia especially if your body becomes dependent on them. CBD related products can really help a lot because they calm the brain making you feel mentally free.