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Keyshia Davis, real name Keyshia Ka’oir, was born on the 10th of January, 1985, in Kingston, Jamaica. She is a famous model with a height of 1.68m and a weight of 59Kgs. She has a net worth of $36.5 Million as of 2021.

She has achieved this net worth by investing her time in all the work she has been doing, from her modeling to the cosmetics line. She is also a Business Woman, successfully running three businesses.

She has been married to Gucci Mane, and according to the latest news, they are expecting a child too. She has three children, but she keeps them away to have a happy and normal life.

She has been very organized since childhood, as she still makes a to-do list when she wakes up and follows it till the end.

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Early Life

Keyshia was born in 1985 that makes her 35 years old according to today’s date. Her parents were of Jamaican descent, but their names are unknown. Keyshia has been fond of acting and dancing since childhood.

In 2002, her family moved to the USA when she was 17. She has three brothers and one sister, but one of her brothers died. Tanya Dazzle is her sister.

She worked hard to achieve all the success as she had to do it all alone. She once said that I owned the 100% business, so I had to give it all my time. Keyshia began her career as a dancer in 2009 in one of drake’s videos.

Information about her graduation and high school is still unknown but will be updated as soon as we get it.

Gucci Mane Wife Keyshia Ka'oir

Personal Life

Keyshia used to date Wali Da Great, as she said that on her Instagram in 2016. She met Gucci Mane in 2010 when he called her to shoot a music video during “911 Emergency.” They fell in love after working together for a few years.

In 2016, Gucci Mane proposed to Keyshia after the Atlanta Hawks basketball game in response to which she said Yes. He gave her a 25-carat diamond ring worth $500,000. They get got married in Oct 2017.

Now in 2020, They have confirmed that they are expecting their first baby.

Professional Life

Keyshia was very fond of acting and dancing since childhood. She wanted to become an actress as it was her first goal, but she had to go through different stages to reach it to achieve that.

In 2009, she appeared for Drake and Timbaland’s music video as a dancer for the first time. She also did a couple of movies here and there but couldn’t settle in that industry.

She started her cosmetics line, Ka’oir Cosmetics, in 2011. She is a very successful businesswoman currently running three businesses altogether. Even before Kardashians, Ka’oir cosmetics were on the top and were the trendsetters.

They, for the first time, introduced sparkling colors and lipsticks. Blue and glitter lipstick was her trademark product as it was sold the most and was a unique thing at that time.

After this, she recorded a few songs with Gucci Mane. He called her during the “911 Emergency” to record a song. He spent a lot of time with Keyshia, ultimately falling in love with her. She told the news that he feels in with her when she was bathing him.

When Gucci went to jail, she started opening more businesses to settle her life. She opened “Ka’oir Fitness” and became a fitness model for thousands of people. She started a weight loss program to experience a healthy life by losing weight and being active.

She also opened “Ka’oir Hair” in which she has been selling hair related products like oils, wigs, extensions, and the list goes on. This business has been very successful, and she has been making quite a wealth from it.

When she got married to Gucci in 2017 and now is an Instagram model and a successful Entrepreneur running 3 Big Businesses.

Grand Marriage with Gucci Mane

Keyshia and Gucci got married in 2017 after she proposed to her in 2016 with a 25-carat diamond ring. They spent more than $50,000 on invitations only. The wedding cost both of them 1.7 Million Dollars.

Gucci gave Keyshia a 25-carat diamond ring worth between $3 & $5 Million. He also gifted her a Rolls-Royce at the wedding and even bought one for himself.

Keyshia Ka’oir Net Worth

The overall net worth of Keyshia is 36.5 Million Dollars as per the latest statistics. Let’s have a look at how she has managed to increase her net worth to this level.

Keyshia Ka’oir Net Worth

Dancing and Acting:

She has been into acting and dancing since she was 10. She did her first music video as a dancer in 2007 with Drake. After that, she has done many music videos and has been featured in a few films. This was the outset of her career, and the dancing kick-started her net worth.

Ka’oir Cosmetics:

She founded Ka’oir cosmetics in 2011 and worked hard to scale it. For the first time, she introduced Blue and Glitter lipstick that was a new thing for everyone.

Many people started to copy her, and she happily said in one video that she feels happy that she is a trendsetter. She has been a significant portion of her net worth from her cosmetics line.

Ka’oir Fitness:

She founded Ka’oir fitness to guide people to lose weight and live a healthy, active life. She became a fitness model and had been training and advising people on their fitness.

She has her featured products like the Slimming Tea, the Ka’oir ‘Waist Eraser’ and ‘Body Sweat’ body eraser, etc.

Ka’oir Hair:

After a couple of years, she founded another business, Ka’oir Hair, in which she has been selling all the hair-related stuff from oils to wigs and many other things being manufactured by her own company.

Cars and Houses:

Keyshia is a car lover and owns three gorgeous cars:

  • Lamborghini Aventador
  • Red Rolls-Royce Cullinan worth $325,000
  • Rolls-Royce Wraith, worth over $310,000, was gifted by Gucci on their wedding.

Facts about Keyshia Ka’oir

Some interesting facts about Keyshia are stated below:

  • Her real name is Keyshia Davis.
  • She and Gucci spent over 1.7 Million Dollars on their wedding.
  • Gucci gifted her a Rolls-Royce Wraith.
  • She started her career in 2009 within Drake’s video.
  • Keyshia has her own cosmetics line.
  • She also owns Ka’oir Fitness and Ka’oir Hair.
  • Gucci gifted her a 60-carat diamond ring worth $1 Million, recently on Valentine’s day.
  • She has the vision to empower women and even donated the wealth earned from a lipstick called “SURVIVOR” to cancer survivors and treatment NGO.
  • Keyshia is also expecting her first baby with Gucci Mane, her husband.

Wrapping Up

Keyshia wanted to be a dancer and an actress but ended up being a very successful Business Woman. She owns three businesses, and the thing that everyone should learn from her life is consistency and punctuality.

She used to make a to-do list and still does in the morning of the work she has to do all day. That helps her complete all her tasks on time. Today we can also take suggestions from such an Entrepreneur.

She worked hard to be where she is now and is still in the race as she is just 35 and has a lot of years of thriving in her life.