The Top Family Vacation Spots in Oklahoma City

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Oklahoma is not a top-rated tourist temptation, but we are here to change that viewpoint. It is a very family-friendly place, easy on your pockets, and has a lot to explore than you could ever imagine. Oklahoma serves as a great place for change in a social setting, and you will have the happiest family time ever.

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Free stuff in Oklahoma City: What can you do?

Oklahoma has a tone of things to do for free of cost. We have compiled a bunch of exciting things you could do without spending a dollar.

  1. Oklahoma Railway Museum: Trains are fun to watch, and you can view the exquisite collection of trains for free on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
  2. Oklahoma City Museum of Art: You will be amazed by the variety of creations this museum has to offer. From resplendent glass pieces to pieces that can spin about and show some magic, you will be dazzled by the beauty of art. The museum has no entry fee on specific Sundays during spring and fall.

Best parks in OKC

Parks are the best way to spend quality time with family because you can indulge in fun little activities! Here are some of the parks you must check out in Oklahoma City!

  • Hefner Lake and Park: The breathtaking skies transforming their colors from hues of blue to violet is a sight you must capture in your memory forever. You can do some fishing, play around family games, or spend a lovely afternoon with your sweetheart.
  • Will Rogers Park: You will fall in love with the beauty of this place because it houses alluring daffodils. You can take a walk around the area and then sit back and relax by the pond or capture a few family photos near the fountain.

Best places to hike in Oklahoma

You will fall in admiration with the city after you venture out to hike. Oklahoma has many beautiful lakes, luscious grasslands, and picturesque scenery. Your hiking experience can pan out into a painting or photography or literature session because the air you breathe in this scenic beauty will get your creative side flowing with wonders.

  • Roman Nose State Park: If you want to venture on a little hike, but with lots of adventure, you should embark on this 2.8-mile journey from Lake Loop trail. It will lead you to Mesa Loop trail, and soon you will find yourself looking at the resplendent Watonga Lake.
  • Greenleaf State Park: Greenleaf Park has a peculiar swinging bridge. You would have already seen this utterly dreamy location on your Instagram feeds, and it is time you add some spark to your feed as well. You will have to start from Ankle Express trail head and head straight to Deer Run campground.
  • Gloss Mountain State Park: As the name suggests, these gigantic mountains are glossy in their appearance due to the high selenite content. After you have hiked till the Cathedral Mountain, you can enjoy the view of the serene Cimarron River.

Kid-friendly restaurants in OKC

You might miss out on the local delicacies and a wonderful ambiance with the notion that most of the places are not kid friendly. Instead of settling for something ordinary, we want your family to have a remarkable time. We have curated a lineup of kid-friendly restaurants and give you a glimpse of the local charm.

  1. S&B’s Burger Joint: Who does not love a wholesome burger? You will love the exquisite combinations this joint has to offer. One of their most famous burgers, “The Frenchmen,” is a yummy combination of fried onions and mushrooms topped with fried onion sauce. You should also try “The King,” which consists of peanut butter and bacon.
  2. Kitchen No. 324: Elegant, classy, and welcoming for family, this restaurant is one of the oldest buildings in the city. It is one of the finest places to eat in the town, and their menu has a lot of healthy options, but of course, these healthy options are scrumptious!


Oklahoma has so much more to offer than we can put into words. A family vacation can improve family dynamics, and this city has the perfect air to bring about a healthy change. You can check the esta visa status once you have applied so that you do not face any delays in your travel itinerary. We hope you have a phenomenal and memorable trip!