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Madonna Louise Ciccone was born on August 16, 1958, making her 62 Years Old with a height of 1.64m and weight 52Kg. She is a Song-Writer, Singer, Actress, and a Business-Woman.

She is the Richest singer in the world with a Net Worth of 900 Million Dollars. She lives in Bay City, US. She is currently divorced but was married to two different people before. She also has 6 Children.

She started her Music career with different bands but then signed up with Sire and started solo acts. Her first two songs went crazy and became a hit due to which she got a significant boost. She is also a great actress as she had earned quite a lot of fame through acting.

She is a Business Woman too as she started an entertainment company Maverickin 1992 and launched a few books that sold over many million copies. She has played an essential role in establishing four Fashion brands (H&M, Dolce and Gabbana, etc.) and many Skincare products.

This was a short introduction about Madonna. Let’s dive deeper into her life and net worth. Keep Reading.

Early Life

She was born in 1958 and was fond of dancing and singing since childhood. Silvio Anthony Ciccone and Madonna Louise are her parents. Due to similarity in name with her mom, she was called ‘Little Nonni.’ She has two brothers and three younger siblings.

Her mother died when Madonna was young due to breast cancer. She jumped several different colleges before she got admitted to Rochester Adams High School. Later on, She admitted to the University of Michigan School of Music on a scholarship to pursue her ambition of being a dancer but dropped out to become a singer and a dancer.

In the beginning, she worked as a backup singer and dancer for a few bands but later signed with Sire so that she can continue her solo career in singing. Her first two songs, Everybody and Burning Up, became a hit, after which she got a significant boost in career.

Personal Life

Madonna has a pretty complicated Love life. She has been into many relationships. At first, she dated асtоr Ѕеаn Реnn in 1985, thеn dаtеd rарреr Тuрас Ѕhаkur and thеn Саrlоѕ Lеоn, with whom she has a son.

She mаrrіеd Guу Rіtсhіе wіth whоm she hаd а ѕоn in 1998. She is currently living іn Lіѕbоn, wіth hеr аdорtеd сhіldrеn.

She has two sons, David and Rocco, and two daughters, Mercy and Lourdes.

Madonna Professional Life

Professional Life

She commenced her singing career as a backup singer and dancer for a band in 1979 when she dropped out of University. After a few years, she quit and started her solo career.

Sire signed her in 1982. She released her first two songs in 1982 and 83 that people loved and were a great hit. She then released her first album in 1983 that had few hit songs such as Holiday, Lucky star, etc.

Then she released her second album, Virgin, that sold out over 20 million copies, making her the youngest to have such an achievement. In the next years, she released many hit albums that people loved and appreciated.

Some of her albums are:

  • ТruеВluе in 1986
  • Lіkе а Рrауеr in 1989
  • Еrоtіса in 1992
  • ВеdtіmеЅtоrіеѕ in 1994
  • RауоfLіght in 1998
  • Мuѕіс in 2000
  • АmеrісаnLіfе in 2003
  • Соnfеѕѕіоnѕоn а DаnсеFlооr in 2005
  • НаrdСаndу in 2008
  •  МDNА in 2012
  • RеbеlНеаrt in 2015

She also appeared in a few films, namely:

  • The Next Best Thing in 2000
  • Swept Away in 2002
  • Die Another Day in 2002
  • In 2005, “I’m Going to Tell You a Secret”
  • Arthur and the Invisibles in 2006.

Awards and Achievements

She has been an extremely successful singer since the beginning of her career. Her first achievement was when she sold out more than 20 million copies of her second album at a young age. Her Awards and Achievements include:

  • She is among the Top 20 Greatest Female Artists of all time.
  • She has won 294 total Awards for singing and acting.
  • Has been nominated for 643 times
  • Three American Music Awards,
  • Six ASCAP Pop Awards,
  • Five Billboard Music Awards,
  • Three Echo Awards,
  • Two Golden Globe Awards,
  • Sixteen Guinness World Records

Business Ventures

Madonna has been into the business from the start. These are the few ventures she had done and currently has:

  • Produced Four fashion brands, including Dolce and Gabbana
  • She Launched a wide range of beauty and skincare products.
  • She Launched a collection of artworks, including artworks by Picasso.
  • Madonna has also invested in real estate.

Madonna Net Worth

The Net worth of Madonna is currently 900 Million dollars and is explained in detail as under:

Madonna Net Worth

Singing Career:

Madonna has had a successful singing career since the start. She has released so many hit albums and songs that people loved and sold out 20 million copies of her second album.

She has made more than 1.4 Billion Dollars from concerts and has sold over 300 Million records of her songs, making music the primary source of her net worth.


She has done a handful of movies in addition to her singing career. She bagged a lot of fame and wealth from her filming career too. Some of her highest-paid films are:

  • Desperately Seeking Susan (1985) – $80,000
  • Dick Tracy (1990) – $35,000
  • Body of Evidence (1993) – $2.5 million
  • Evita (1996) – $1 million

Art Collection:

Madonna owns an Art Collection that is almost worth 100 Million Dollars. She has one of only five paintings created by Frida Kahlo and also the artworks of other artists such as Picasso.

Real Estate:

She has been quite active in the real estate business. She once owned six properties in London and a 6,000-square-foot apartment in New York that she sold for 13 Million dollars.

She also bought a few more properties and sold them at a high price.

Car Collection:

Madonna has a beautiful car collection that includes the following cars:

  • BMW 7-Series
  • Audi A8
  • Cooper S
  • Maybach 57


Madonna has a love for homes and owns a few gorgeous places that are listed below:

  • $40 Million Manhattan Apartment
  • Georgian Townhouse
  • $15 Million Ashcombe House
  • $28 Million Beverly Hills Home
  • 32.5 Million Dollars Manhattan Duplex


Madonna co-owned the Maverick Company from where she earned a lot of wealth as she was given 20% of its profit.

She has also been in an endorsement deal with Pepsi, where they both promoted each other. She had a great business mind and grabbed a significant share from this market too.

Clothing Line and Products:

She owns a clothing line for which she earns her share of the wealth. She also launched many skincare products and famous fashion brands.

Facts about Madonna

These are a few facts that you might find interesting about Madonna:

  • She is divorced and lives with her adopted children.
  • She was called “Little Nonni” in childhood.
  • She has Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in the 1997 film Evita.
  • She was a cheerleader at Rochester Adams High School.
  • She headed to New-York with only a few bucks in her pocket after dropping out of University.
  • She was the girlfriend of Tupac Shakur sometime in her life and also of The Prince.
  • Неr wеddіng drеѕѕ wаѕ ѕоld fоr $81,250 whіlе thе јасkеt ѕhе wоrе іn hеr fіlm “Dеѕреrаtеlу ѕееkіng Ѕuѕаn” wаѕ ѕоld fоr $252,000.
  • She once was a worker at Dunkin Donuts.
  • She has been into real estate.
  • Helped four big fashion brands
  • Has a collection of Artwork worth $100 Million

Final Thoughts

Madonna has seen a lot of ups and downs in her life. She didn’t have a good love life but had a successful singing and filming career. She has done a lot of hard work and faced many hardships to be here where she is now with a net worth of $900 Million.

We can learn many things from her life, such as that age doesn’t matter if you have a passion for something, and making a significant wealth is not an overnight process. It requires hard work and determination. She is still in the business, and we will surely listen to more of her outstanding albums in the future.