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Arin Hanson is also known as the Egoraptor; he is America’s one of the wealthiest persons. He’s known for videos on YouTube, and for his voice acting as well, he is a skillful animator in combination with the right comic timing he has achieved a lot in this field.

Early Life

Arin’s complete name was Arin Joseph Hanson. He was born on January 6th, in the year1987, in West Palm Beach, Florida, United States of America. His parents were Lloyd Hanson (his dad) and Maurette Hanson (his mom). He has an elder brother named Nate, and he is a pilot by profession.

Arin’s father, Llyod ‘Paparaptor’ Hanson, is a professional musician who very well knows how to play accordion guitar (Blues) and a keyboard as well. He has his website ‘’ where he sometimes writes blogs about his life being a musician and members of the Hanson family.

Arin has made two Flash Films as a gesture of love for his father’s birthday ‘Happy Birthday Dad!’ and ‘It’s Dad’s Birthday Again!’

Hanson’s mommy Maurette operates the charitable Healing Horse Therapy Centre, which uses equine-assisted methods to treat people who have gone through some mental, emotional and physical traumas ever in life.

She primarily works for survivors of military sexual distress, war troupers, and special needs persons. This center is mainly for those in search of safe and nurturing surroundings to settle their mind and soul.

Arin gives references to his mother quite a few times in his Game Grumps videos when mentioning his infancy. The Game Grumps accommodated the Horsey Give Grumps charity live stream to collect donations for the charitable organization held by his mom.

Furthermore, Arin went to Wellington High School for two years. Still, he could not finish his education as the school establishments have rejected him to continue his education because he had moved.

Later in life, his mom backed him to follow his voice acting career over his education, and for that purpose, he moved to Los Angeles, United States.

Arin Houston’s Career

Arin Houston’s Career

As an Animator

Arin, after linking with Newgrounds on September 16th, in the year 200, Arin started making various short animated films for their online website with the name ‘Egoraptor,’ and from there, he got his internet name as Egoraptor.

These films were imitating video games, which helped him gained considerable popularity due to his animation skills stamped with some sense of humor and sarcasm.

His first Awesome series of videos, ‘Metal Gear Awesome’ was posted on February 23rd, 2006. This video was a caricature of a PlayStation video game Metal Gear Solid and also displayed the player’s reactions to each of the moves.

Far ahead, he started to upload his Awesome series on his YouTube channel from May 30th, 2008, from where his success was started, and he never looked back.

Not only this, but Hanson’s Awesome series has also got a lot of recognition from MTV, and they offered him hosting and production of short animated films where he created three episodes of  The G-Hole internet gaming show for them.

Later in life, Arin also teamed up with Joshua ‘Tomamoto’ Tomar, where he created a comic web animation series named ‘Girlchan in Paradise’, the first episode of which had gained 2,581,890 views as of 2017.

Arin Hanson has more than 3 million subscribers to his Egoraptor channel on youtube.

As A Voice Actor

Other than being a skillful animator, Hanson is also an adaptable voice actor. He given his voice in several films like Press Start (Forest Guardian), Press Start 2 Continue (MugWug), Sonic animation (E 100 Battle Droid), Cyborg Assasin: Legend of the Space Ninja (Priest).

Moreover, Hanson has been providing voice-overs for TV series like Fox ADHD (as Gardener), Rick & Morty Sitcom (wedding singer/ Cyborgs). At present, he is one of the voice actors of the Cartoon Network series.

Arin has featured on many web-series like Scare PewDiePie, Demo Reel, Hot Pepper Gaming and Good Mythical Morning, Awesome, Lemon n’ Bill, Space Ninja, Sequelitis, and Game Grumps.

He has provided his voice in numerous popular Video games since 2009, as John Gore in Minigore, as Officer Spike in Target Acquired, and as The Bomb in Accounting. Recently, he is one of the voice-actors for the Hex Heroes game for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Wii U.

As A Musician

Hanson formed a musical group Starbombs with musicians and comedians, Leigh Daniel Avidan, and Brian Wecht, and released their self-titled album in 2013.

Later in 2014, it was followed by the second album named Player Select, which reached number one position on US Comedy Albums US Billboard charts.

Game Grumps

Arin is the initiator, co-host, and theme music musician of the YouTube show ‘Game Grumps’ Let’s Play web-series (created in 2012), and at a present-day, it has more than 5.5 million subscribers. Game Grumps performed live shows to a packed house in Hollywood Improv comedy club as well.

Arin Hanson Source of Income

Arin Hanson Source of Income

Arin Hanson has earned a lot of wealth in terms of money and recognition worldwide in the year 2021, employing his various creative activities. He earned money through advertising proceeds from YouTube; this was a considerable chunk of Hanson’s income in 2021. He is also an originator of the YouTube channel ”Game Grumps.” Game Grumps has over 5.6 million views.

  • His animations had helped him earn a lot of money in 2021.
  • He also earned a lot of money through music performances and sales.

Arin Hanson Net Worth

Concentrating all of his sources of income, we have estimated that 1 million views on the platform of YouTube take along on average $2000; all these views convert in around 1 million dollars.

Game Grumps also makes money from sponsorship deals from top businesses. In a nutshell, Arin Hanson has an estimated net worth of $8.4 million as of 2021.


Arin Hanson is an inspiration for those who respect the art and want to pursue it because in the end it the skill you possess that makes you recognizable in the world and for that purpose, polish your skill to the point that you become the master of it and do it with perfection.