5 Things That One Must Teach Students in Secondary School

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Maybe not right after graduating from school, but many people eventually realize that there are essential life skills that could have helped if they learned them in schools. Some life skills could have been more helpful while learning during teenage with your classmates, rather than figuring out alone later. Haven’t you been through a personal tragedy and wondered what it would have been like to know some of it beforehand?

Advice may sometimes come too late. But if we know some values and ethics when we’re jumpy and ready to learn, it’s a lot easier. We are not absolutely not talking about life & death skills here, but rather some skills that would help an individual’s mind be more open to different cultures and ideas or be independent and aware of the outer world. In this blog, we are going to talk about 5 valuable skills that secondary schools can incorporate into their curriculum.

Relationship values

How often can an individual spot manipulative and abusive behavior? Or how often do people follow their instincts of a red flag? Many don’t know the importance of sexual consent but sexuality, in general, is also often in the dark.

A general introduction and some basic guidelines about such behaviors and politeness could improve their relationships for life. An open environment for the girls and the boys to talk about their differences and feelings could boost a safer environment. Both men and women could greatly benefit from this and be better partners overall.

Mental Well-being

Schools commonly have physical fitness classes but rarely have levels for mental wellbeing. Young individuals need to learn to control their minds for productive studying but also for stress management. Some schools around the world focus on mindfulness classes, but we are talking about giving importance to it as much as physical fitness.

Young individuals are prone to the mental breakdown from time to time and are likely to start an addiction quickly if they come across a bad company. Especially in the age of social media when we seem to know what everyone’s thinking and doing, it’s essential to know our own frame of mind too.

Human Rights

Living at a place where everything seems right and peaceful hardly makes us feel about our rights. Young individuals from privileged countries don’t care about basic human rights like refugee rights, conflict solving situations, etc. Learning and looking at various case studies can help them learn empathy and bring more significant change to the world.


Sustainable living to many of us is not a fad but a future. And the sooner we learn that, the better. When we often wear fast fashion and incredibly ignore climate changes, sustainable living will quickly become critical.

Every young individual needs to know the causes, the stats, and the reasons for climate change. This should also include the duty and responsibilities each individual has for this world to thrive and become better with time.

Good Financial Planning

We all have financial problems at various phases of life, but we can survive and beat it with sound financial planning. You leave school, and suddenly you are forced to be independent; paying for food and rent becomes a problem for most.

But there are many tips about savings, interest rates, investing that one can follow to have a hassle-free financial life. While solving problems in Mathematics classes can seem easy, using them in real-life situations can be confusing.


Education in many countries mostly focuses on preparing individuals to be human resources. Well-trained and knowledgeable teachers, doctors, or engineers indeed make our lives better and provide innovation to the world, but this is when we keep aside all our life problems aside to work for something advanced and innovative every day.

For a healthy individual to thrive in professional and personal life, valuable life skills are the only answer. But till the time schools haven’t introduced such gifts to their curriculum, you can always sign up your kids for a training course with Odyssey Teams Inc., which offers life-changing team bonding youth programs for both kids and adults alike. Let us know which one of these values you wish you had as a subject back in high school!