Bali Pass Trek

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Bali Pass a not-so-frequent excursion. It is surprising that it runs along with the most famous destinations of the Himalayas. The first of them is Yamunotri which is the Dhaam in the ChaarDhaam yatra. It is followed by Har ki Doon valley then Ruinsara lake and Osla village. The area is famous for its direct views of the Swargrohini and Bandarpoonch mountains, this trek is a literal stairway to heaven. Many people do not know that this pass is connected to Har ki Doon and Ruinsara valley. Up to 16,207 feet, this pass is a tough hike that offers the most thrilling adventures. The summit itself is tiny, able to accommodate just 20-30 people. The summit provides 360-degree views from Swargarohini, Banderpooch, and Garhwal the peaks.

On this trek, one can enjoy the adventure of the sacred Yamunotri valley. The trail passes through villages that exude a variety of old-fashioned villages. The stunning splendor that is Osla along with Ghangad villages provides a glimpse into the past but also the modern Himalayan lifestyle. Then is DebshuBugyal. Like any alpine meadow that is beautiful, this adds to the appeal that is the Bali passes trek. The trek is also completed in every way. Ruinsara Tal will be the ultimate highlight of this hike. It is a dazzling reflection of the beauty that illuminates the surrounding landscape through a prism of beauty. The most spectacular part is the climb up to Bali pass, which is always covered in snow making it an easy walk. If the climb isn’t enough, the descent will be a shock and satisfy every nerve.

Bali Pass trek is suitable for those who want to trek to more remote and lesser-traveled routes. Although it’s difficult, each step worth it. It tests us with every aspect, from changing terrains, narrow pathways, and a hazardous descent, as well as long hours of walking. It is a place of historic, religious mountaineering and significance Bali pass trek isn’t like the comparable Himalayan trek. It’s a journey into the unexplored of the well-known.

The entire Southern Face can be seen from near Ruinsara lake to the summit of peak Swargarohini II, III.

DebshuBugyal, the alpine meadows that enhance the beauty of the Bali Pass Trek.

It is home to endangered bird species, making it a favorite spot for bird watchers such as the golden eagles, steppe eagles, black eagles, and the bearded viper.

Black Peak/Kalanag can be seen on the way to the waterfall camp from Seema &Banderpoonch. It is visible from the top of the pass.

Overview of the Bali Pass Trek

The most striking feature of the Bali Pass Trek is the changing landscapes. From pine and fir forests to riverside camps, to surreal villages in Har Ki Dun valley to connect with Yamunotri Valley to beautiful waterfalls to Ruinsara alpine lake to meadows overlooking Bandarpunch ranges Swargarohini peak to snow-capped mountain tops and the base camp to a thrilling high altitude summit-like crossing. While trekking to Bali Pass, you can see the Himalayan ibex, endangered brown bear, and monals. You can also see Kalanag (Black Peak) up close. Spend the day by the Ruinsara Lake and walk through the beautiful meadows Devsu Thatch or Thanga.

The Quick Facts about the Bali Pass Trek

  • Bali Pass Trek Duration – 8N/9D
  • Bali Pass Trek Altitude: 16076 ft.
  • Bali Pass Trek difficulty Moderate
  • Trek Distance: 60 Kms
  • Temperature : 20degC to 2degC
  • Bali Pass Trek Best Times May, June, August, Mid-August, October
  • ATM – You’ll find ATMs in Mussorie
  • Start Point/End Point: Dehradun