The Latest SEO Marketing Trends That Are Everywhere in 2022

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SEO is a no-brainer if you want to increase website traffic. When 53% of all trackable web traffic comes from search engines, you can’t afford not to have visibility in the results. However, you’ll need to keep up on the best SEO strategies if you want to gain and keep your rankings.

If you aren’t on top of the marketing trends in 2022, this post will help. Below are five trends every small business owner needs to know about this year.

Additional Voice Searches

The use of smart devices is at an all-time high. Even in the past, when the rollout was smaller, there was a considerable increase in the number of voice searches. Now that these devices are more widespread, voice searches will increase even more.

That means you’ll have more keywords available that reflect how people talk. You’ll have additional opportunities to rank and optimize for people using voice search.

Focus on Local

It took a while for businesses to get on board with the internet, but it finally happened. It’s hard to find a company these days that doesn’t have a presence online.

Because of that, consumers use the internet to find local stores all the time. That’s led to a massive increase in local searches and a focus on local SEO. Make sure you read more about local SEO and how you can use it to grow your small business.

Rise in Video

Even smartphones have fast internet connections these days. With the rollout of 5G growing, those connections will get even faster. That means people at home and on the move have the resources to stream high-quality videos whenever they want.

That’s led to a rise in video watch time on the internet. Businesses noticed this and have started to create marketing material on video platforms. Whether you make a YouTube channel for your company or invest in video ads, don’t discount video as a marketing method.

You can also use your videos to get a leg up in the search results and appear to Google searchers.

More Featured Snippets

Featured snippets started as a minor Google feature. However, it’s begun to take over a large portion of the search results.

A featured snippet is a quick answer directly at the top of the Google search results. It provides a direct answer to searches and a link to the source.

You can rank for a featured snippet to skip getting the number one spot if you do your SEO right. Look to see if there are featured snippets for keywords you target to figure out if you have a chance of ranking with one.

Don’t Stop Watching the Newest Marketing Trends

The world of marketing changes fast these days, so you can’t afford to get left behind on the newest marketing trends. The above marketing ideas are only a few of today’s innovative marketing trends. Keep learning in the future to make the most of your company’s marketing efforts.

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