7 Tips to Find Cheap Egypt Holidays Package Deals

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Egypt Holidays

Finding a cheap holiday package is quite a task, especially when you want to enjoy a vacation in Egypt. It is a common known fact that a well-planned holiday where you know exactly where to go and when to buy a ticket is not only convenient but extremely economical. Most of the tourist waste money when they experiment with the places to visit or eat from different places that might be out of your budget.

Adventure lovers or nature lovers, everyone who likes to travel wants to at least visit the Seven Wonders of the World and this obviously means visiting the famous pyramids in Egypt. Most people think Egypt travel is all about the famous Pyramids of Giza, however, they don’t realise that Egypt has some of the most exotic and mesmerizing sceneries. Various Egypt package deals provide the opportunity to visit the country without paying too much. If you are on a budget and want to enjoy cheap holidays in Egypt, dive in the beautiful red sea reef, experience the beautiful tombs in the valley of kings or camp for the night in the western desert. It is best to start planning right away for your next holiday. When to travel, where to travel how to travel are some of the most important questions that can affect your budget and can totally change your holiday.

Here is your easy Egypt travel guide that explains how you can score a cheap holiday package without exhausting yourself.

Cheap Holidays – Start With the Goals

While planning a cheap holiday start with evaluating what you really want, if you love history you must like old buildings and architecture, if you like nature you have to check out all the sites with natural beauty or if you want to get authentic Egyptian food you need to know all the specialities and delicacies. Although, Egypt is a very diverse country with the perfect mix of old and new, adventure and culture and of course natural beauty that is too mesmerising to ignore. Although, you can visit everything if you want. It is easier if you plan ahead and organise your trip to Egypt. This will help you to adjust your budget accordingly and you won’t miss anything.

Visit Travel Blogs and Websites:

Before preparing the list and budget make sure you visit various travel blogs and travel websites for Egypt travel packages. Most of the bloggers write blogs about the places that everyone must visit, in case, you don’t like reading or you want visual aid to ensure if the place is worth spending money on, it is best to watch travel videos. Most of the YouTube stars upload travel vlogs where they visit places and check various famous restaurants, this can help you to shortlist the places you want to visit and help you save money.

Go Through The Tourism Websites:

Before making a final decision, it is best to visit the tourism website of that place. There are many places that everyone wants to visit when they go to Egypt. This mainly includes The Pyramids Of Giza, The Valley Of Kings, Abu Simbel, Egyptian Museum if you like history and architecture, in case you like adventure and natural beauty you must visit the Western Desert, Red Sea Reef and places like Ain El Sokhna, Safaga, and Aswan. You might find the details easily from any travel and tourism website but the official tourism website will help you to keep a check if a place is crowded, the timings and how much will it costs to visit that place. This is especially important because the official tourism website is updated in case there is some maintenance work going on, in case you just rely on the travel website they might charge extra for the tour, so it is better to always check the official website.

Settle The Budget:

Everyone wants to save money, this is the reason travel websites and airlines offer deals and packages. It is always better to set a budget first before searching for a suitable package. There are travel websites that provide promotion codes and off-season package as well. It is best to visit the platform that has various travel agency on board so that it is easy to compare various packages.

Fix The Travel Time:

It is always better to set the dates you want to travel on before buying an airline ticket. Most airlines sell their tickets at a higher price during the weekends. According to travel experts, it is best to buy your tickets during the weekdays. Tickets are usually cheaper on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In addition to this, if you buy or book the ticket 54 days before the day you plan to travel, it will likely be cheapest as every week the airlines readjusts their prices. This is exactly where a good travel agency comes in, it is best to compare the fares and packages because what may be the cheapest for one travel agency might not be the cheapest for the other, so in order to enjoy cheap holidays package, you must keep yourself updated.

Travel off Season:

Travelling offseason can be a big plus for you. There are many sites that most people have on their bucket list. This mainly includes the Pyramids of Giza, Abu Simbel and the Tomb of King Tut, most of the time these places are extremely crowded and sometimes they are closed, especially the tomb of King Tut. It is best to travel offseason, this will provide you with the opportunity to visit the place and enjoy everything better. Airline fares are relatively lower during these days and you can save a lot of money. Usually, January and February are considered as offseason, it is the time when most people are back from the Christmas holidays and New Year holidays. Travelling during this season can save a lot of money and can be relatively convenient.

Keep An Eye on The Exchange Rates:

Exchange rates have a huge impact on the amount of money you would be spending on your vacation. Keep an eye out for when the exchange rate market is on the low. Lower exchange rates mean a cheaper vacation. If you are a frequent traveller you must know what exchange rate is, however, in case you are travelling for the first time it is best to understand the exchange rates, it is the price of the local currency in terms of the currency of the place you are visiting. So if you want to visit Egypt, look for the time when the currency rate in Egypt is relatively lower, this will save you a lot of money.