Elettra Lamborghini Net Worth 2024 – Biography, Wiki, Career & Facts

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Elettra Lamborghini is an inspiring singer, actress, television personality, model, and influencer from Italy. She has been enjoying an outstanding and incredibly successful career over the last many years.

Elettra Lamborghini has not only earned colossal popularity, success but also has a notable bank balance. Currently, the total net worth of Elettra Lamborghini is $11 million, which will increase exponentially over the coming years.

To know more surprising facts about her life, you can get through this article.

Early Life

The singer was born on May 17, 1994, in Milan, Italy. She has been part of the Italian entertainment industry for a long time.

Elettra Lamborghini is not only a musician, but she inspired a countless number of people all around the world through her versatility, talent, and acting skills.

She has participated in several TV shows, including Super Shore, Acapulco Shore, Geordie Shore, Hermano VIP, and Riccanza.

  • Parents And Siblings

Elettra Lamborghini is the granddaughter of Ferruccio Lamborghini, who is the founder of the Italian luxury sports cars. Clelia Monti was her grandmother.

Tonino Lamborghini and Luisa Lamborghini are her parents. She has for brothers, Lucrezia Lamborghini, Ginevra Lamborghini, Ferruccio Lamborghini, and Flaminia Lamborghini.

Elettra Lamborghini does not have a sister. Therefore she is the only daughter of her family.

  • Childhood And Education

Elettra Lamborghini was the only daughter in the family; therefore, she got a lot of love and appreciation from her family. But she never felt proud, or the love of family never spoiled her.

Unfortunately, you will not get any information regarding her education or the subject she took as her major.

Elettra Lamborghini

Age, Height, And Weight

Elettra Lamborghini is a beautiful actress, model, and a very talented singer. Besides it, she is very hardworking, determined, and passionate about her career. Being born on May 17, 1994, she is 26 years old to date.

The talented musician is very conscious of her looks. She always tries to look presentable and different from others. Elettra Lamborghini is 5 feet 4 inches or 162.5 cm tall.

She takes exceptional care of her fitness too.  Elettra Lamborghini weighs 57 Kg. She goes to the gym regularly. Elettra Lamborghini does a lot of workouts, takes a healthy diet, and does yoga every day. She takes food enriched in proteins and avoids fats and carbs.

She has green eyes and a white skin tone. These features make her appealing to the designers, as she can carry all the dresses very elegantly.

Personal Life

Elettra Lamborghini is a charm for many. Her voice, appearance, and versatility can capture the attraction of many. Sources have revealed that she has dated a TV personality, Marty McKenna. Both of them were spotted together at different places.

Furthermore, in 2017 she dated Gaz Beadle. Unfortunately, their relationship did not last long. Finally, Elettra Lamborghini decided to settle down.

Now, she has been in a relationship with a Dutch DJ Afrojack. Both were engaged last year and have decided to tie the knot in 2020.

Professional Life

Elettra Lamborghini has been enjoying a successful career. She is very talented and therefore impresses the whole world through her remarkable performance as a singer and an actor. Here you can have a look at her career.

  • Singing career

Elettra Lamborghini started her singing career in 2018 and launched her first single named “Pem Pem“. Elettra Lamborghini launched her first album in 2019 Twerking Queen in 2019. She loves to sing pop and reggaeton genre.

She got the opportunity to judge The Voice of Italy during the 6th season. Furthermore, her presence is also expected in the 7th season.

Elettra Lamborghini started her career as a singer a long time ago. She has done great work for being a musician.

  • Acting Career

Elettra Lamborghini is a multitalented artist; therefore, she did not limit herself just to singing. You can watch her remarkable performances on many TV shows. Thus, now she has become a successful TV personality being a singer.

Super Shore was her first TV show. Besides that, she has participated in many TV shows, including Gran Hermano VIP and Geordie Shore.

Elettra Lamborghini Net Worth

Elettra Lamborghini Net Worth

According to many authentic sources, including Forbes, IMDB, Wikipedia, and many others, Elettra Lamborghini has a net worth of $11 million. She collected a remarkable bank balance throughout her career as a reality star. The net worth of Elettra Lamborghini is expected to increase tremendously over the coming years.

Besides ther acting career, her singing career has also played a key role in her total net worth. She has launched multiple numbers of hits one after the other. Besides that, Elettra Lamborghini is earning from brand endorsement, brand campaigns, advertisements, modeling, and much more. Still, there are multiple sources of her income, which are yet uncovered.

Social Media Presence

Elettra Lamborghini is a singer and an actress at the same time, and it is not easy to do two jobs simultaneously. Being this busy, Elettra Lamborghini always gets the time to interact with her social media fans.

She loves to connect with her fans all around the world via the platforms of social media. The model communicates with her fans through social sites and lets them know about her activities and upcoming projects. Elettra Lamborghini shares her makeup routines and daily life on social media.

Elettra Lamborghini has more than 7 million followers on these social sites.

Facts About Elettra Lamborghini

The following are some facts about the life of Elettra Lamborghini, which most fans do not know.

  • She has started her acting career and has participated in many projects.
  • She has four brothers and she is the only daughter in the family.
  • She is a part of a wealthy family; her grandfather is an Italian luxury sports car.

Future Plans

According to Elettra Lamborghini, if her acting or singing career does not run long-term, she can join her family business. She adds that right now, she is not very clear on whether she will join her family or not. However as she is independent financially; therefore, it would not be easy for her to rely on her family.