Want to be a Smart Trader? Attend Free Workshop By FinLearn Academy

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EM Academy launched its education brand, FinLearn Academy, introducing ‘Smart Trader’, a program well designed for learning the know-how of trading. The participants will get the intuitive experience of live trading in every session they attend along with some really good resources which include audiobooks, video lessons, and trader’s magazine. But that’s not all, 100% tuition rebate and a lightning-fast trading platform, ‘EmTrade’ will be provided which is full of advanced features like elaborate drawing tools, global indices, extensive oscillators library, built-in tools for strategy creation, etc.

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Attend Free Workshop

The objective here is to get beginners to learn everything they need to and the existing traders will get immense help in order to trade in a smarter way. Prior to opting for the program, one can attend a Register Free Workshop for a demonstration of what they are being offered. ‘Smart Trader’ is a one year program that gives you the privilege of unlimited retakes. The program has two formats viz. online (Internet) and offline (Classroom). The fees will be INR 40,000 for classroom and INR 20,000 for online.

What They Said

Mr. Hitesh Chotalia, Head of Education, FinLearn Academy had a few words to say on the day. He said “We believe that our unique program offering will help address the lacunae in the industry’s current education system. With the highly researched and tested content, we would be able to create consistent and successful traders and investors”.

Mr. Prakash Kacholia, Managing Director, Emkay Global Financial Services said, “Right Education on investing and trading in equity can help in wealth creation. Constant learning will not only help investors and traders gain requisite knowledge but also equip them to take pragmatic control on their trades and investments. Our association with FinLearn Academy will not only help to dispel the notion that the stock market is for speculators but also make traders and investors aware of the science behind prudent trading and investing.”

Final Word

Well equipped classrooms are made available in Mumbai and other metro cities and as far as online format is concerned, one can opt and learn from any part of the world. In addition to that, the academy also plans to expand in terms of a number of centers and introducing home study courses.