How To Create a Welcome Gate in WordPress and Why it is Important?

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Every website has its perks and services that they offer to their customer. These come for the premium users after signing up or getting a membership to that website. Some websites offer their services against the option of signing up that helps them extend their database. Others ask you to take membership packages that require you to make a payment. These on-site purchases and databases are the methods by which these websites make money.

Websites made on WordPress often take the assistance of effective marketing to maximize their reach and expand their list of users. Pop-up ads and gifs flashing on social media platforms or other portals is the way by which websites achieve this feat. Besides this, there’s the option of SEO optimization. You can hire professional writers to tailor the content of your website and engineer it to make it appear as a top search result from search engines. It is the approach of many people, but there’s a significant chance that everyone won’t prefer opening your page. You can overcome this by linking your website to other pages and portals that are relevant to your content, but you are only increasing the traffic of your website. You can’t achieve your primary goal with this, which is to register them in your database.

Fortunately, you can now modify your webpage to get more and more people on board by including a welcome gate in your WordPress design. A welcome gate is a full-screen page that appears either instantly, after the user has spent some time on your page or once a user tries to access the premium content of your website. This call-to-action screen has resulted in the best conversion rates when it comes to expanding user lists. Since not every area of the page is accessible, there’s an element of curiosity and unease of not getting your desired content that builds in the user. It tips almost everyone over the edge and makes them give up their personal information. That is why you need to decide the WordPress gated content carefully. Depending on what you publically share on your page and what you reserve for members, you can expect to achieve an astounding turnover of users.

If you are intrigued by the idea of including a welcome gate to your WordPress layout but having second thoughts, here is a guide showing how easy it is to set up and why do you need it.

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How to Create it?

Creating a welcome gate on WordPress is easy. All you need to do is pick a plugin to design and customize the screen and decide what you want to conceal with it. The plugin that you are using will have a windowpane allowing you to select these specifics as per your requirements.

Once you’ve decided the plugin to use, you need to pay some thought to the design of your welcome gate and what it offers to the visitors to spike their interest. People are growing superficial with the advancement of technology, and need to be sure that the other side of your welcome gate is relevant to them. So don’t forget to mention the benefits of signing up.

After getting everything you need, save the page and go to the plugin options from your WordPress admin page. Edit the output settings of the plugin for your welcome gate with a suitable display setting. And there you have it all done!

What tools do you need?

You need to have some tools at your disposal to design an adequate welcome gate. Most of these plugin tools require you to buy them so that you can use the full scope of services that they offer. A few of your best options include OptinMonster or restrict user access plugin, which is the most efficient of these tools. They allow you to modify your welcome gate and are compatible with WordPress, so you can install and start using them instantly.

Besides this, you can use tools like MailChimp if you are giving something like an eBook or running a welcome campaign for your email subscribers. It can help you get sign-up forms to add to your database. Explore your options and choose the most feasible one available on deck.

Why do you need it?

Welcome gates and campaigns are the best solutions to optimize organic traffic and expand user list besides SEO integrations. They keep your subscribers on their toes and can potentially make them act as your ambassadors before others. Since the details on your welcome gate and emails already target to grasp user attention, you can expect some returns from them.

Besides this, redirecting your webpage visitors to another page for subscription often gets you penalized by search engines. It affects your SEO ratings negatively and can direct the traffic away from your page. Welcome gate helps you avoid that, as users register while being on the same page.

Also, they give your website an element of exclusivity to gift wrap to your subscribers. You can use this to your advantage by offering the most relevant content at the most competitive prices. That is why you need to consider a welcome gate more seriously if you are aiming to get more traffic and subscribers to your page.

What should you Include?

You need to know where to draw the line when choosing premium and standard content. Making everything hide behind a screen isn’t always the best choice. Have something visible to pique the interest of your visitors. Putting your content on display often helps people who are making up their minds.

Reserving eBooks, newsletters, tutorials, tools, and resources for your subscribers is the ideal case scenario. But it’s up to you to decide what you should include. Just make sure that your gated content isn’t visible on search engines for unauthorized users to access, and you are good to go.


These were some reasons why you need to put up a welcome gate on your WordPress layouts, and brief instructions to help you do that. You can read more on the subject if you still have your doubts, and look at platforms that are faring well with it. Being educated on a subject is of no harm to anyone.