8 Tricks To Improve Memory And Concentration That Really Work

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Improve Memory And Concentration

Having a good memory is a true gift that we would all like to own, but of which few can boast. Do you want to have a good memory? Today we have 8 ways to improve your memory that work and serve for short and long term.

1) Tighten The Fist or A Ball:

Tighten The Fist or A Ball
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You have what you want to remember on the tip of your tongue, but you still can not find what you need to remember. Instead of despair, squeeze your fist or one of those soft balls to relieve stress for at least 45 seconds. If you are right-handed do it with the left hand and, if left-handed, with the right.

2) Get Enough Sleep:

Get Enough Sleep
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It is proven that staying overnight studying for a test the next day plays against us. Instead of heating content, take advantage and sleep well. During sleep, the brain performs a series of processes that improve its performance the next day, recalling and processing information better. In waking moments, the brain ball. with stimuli, but in sleep, you can concentrate on what is important. Sleeping well also helps to improve long-
term memory.

3) Chewing Gum:

Chewing Gum
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Sounds weird, but if you need to remember some information for 30 minutes, chewing gum can be a big help. The act of chewing causes people to concentrate and focus, performing better on tests requiring visual and auditory memory. Before you buy a gum plant, we tell you that this trick only serves to remember things in the very short term.

4) Write Things by Hand:

Write Things by Hand
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Usually, we note what we have to remember on the computer or smart phone, and if we need to access them and we are not together to our device, it will be difficult to remember them. Otherwise if, you take example, you made the list of the supermarket writing by hand, your chances of remembering are much greater. The same applies to summaries or study notes.

5) Associate Concepts With Images:

Sometimes it can be difficult to remember names and when the time comes for the exam we go blank. A good trick is to associate that concept or word with an image. If you have to remember that JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter, imagine a bowling ball . When you want to access the information, that visual memory you created will give you the key.

6) Draw While You Are In Class or A Conference:

A story class early in the morning bores us, and after a while, we are distracted. A good technique to concentrate is to make small drawings in your notebook. You do not need to draw something concrete. Stopping being bored will make you better retain the information you are listening to.

7) Turn The Music On And Off When Appropriate:

Turn The Music On And Off When Appropriate
Image by Pixabay

It is proven that music has a great effect on our brain activity, but it is not always beneficial. Before you go to study, play the player and listen to music, because it will prepare your memory to work well, but when it comes time to get to work, turn it off. Any distraction while reading and studying, including music and calmer as it may be, will keep us from retaining the information.

8) Use Crazy Typefaces For Your Notes:

If you are going to print the notes you need to study, forget the Arial or Helvetica font. The more strange and difficult to read a font, the more we remember what it says. The fact that reading is made more difficult by visual conditions causes us to concentrate more and then remember better what is read.

We invite you to use some of these tricks to improve memory and increase concentration ; Are simple to implement and have proven to work well.

What tricks to memorize things do you use?