5 Things You Should Know About Making a Delicious and Healthy Smoothie

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Making a Delicious and Healthy Smoothie

Smoothies are the in-thing for people seeking a healthy living across the world right now. The thick drinks have made their way to the menu of almost every restaurant and bar, quickly competing for the taste buds of juice and coffee lovers. Be it chocolaty, fruity or coffee-based, smoothies are being whizzed up both in commercial places and at home for the health benefits many perceive them to have.

Putting together the right kind of smoothie can be a great way to watch ones weight as they can control the ingredients of what they are consuming, lowing your calories intake with every cup. That is why many people start their day with a smoothie. They are perfect for those with busy schedules as they can easily get one at a near restaurant at an affordable price.

Unfortunately, not all smoothies are made equal. While some are high in protein and fibers, others are just downright fatty and sugary and do not give any health benefits to the consumer. They may taste good and feel good, but are they giving you what you in terms of health?

The Ultimate Guide To A Delicious And Healthy Smoothie

Most smoothies made in cafes and restaurants are usually packed with sugar and fats. Why too much that there is no health benefit you are getting out of it as instead of helping reduce your calorie intake they are actually increasing it. A good example is a strawberry orange mango shake you get at Starbucks, which contains as much as 47 grams of sugar – more than 320 calories. It makes economic sense to make your own smoothie at home as you can monitor what exactly you are putting into the mix and how many calories it is giving you.

Ultimate Guide To A Delicious And Healthy Smoothie

Avoid Zero-Calorie Sweeteners:

Zero calorie artificial sweeteners are no good for anyone, so stay away from them. Rather than using artificial sweeteners, you can go for natural ones such as honey, coconut milk or agave. Frozen yogurt, cinnamon or sherbets are als a good addition to your smoothie. They not only add sugar to your mix but also throw in some calcium, iron, fiber and Manganese.

Check the Amount of Protein:

The right amount of proteins will help maintain body energy throughout the day. Nutritionists recommend that an intake of about 10 grams of protein in a smoothie. It will not only elevate your drink to a complete meal, but keep you healthy all day long. While you ideal intake will depend on different factors like body weight and days activity level, 10 grams will be enough for any daily needs. A whole food, protein-rich smoothie is totally worth the investment to living a healthy life.

Fill up with Fiber:

The right amount of fiber in your smoothie will ensure you do not get hungry fast and reduce your desire to much up more calories during the day. Fruits like bananas, apples, pears, berries and kale will give you the right amount of fiber you need in your smoothie.

Make it Smoooooth:

Make sure you’ve got the perfect brand for blender for making your smoothie as smooth as possible. The amount of liquid added in the ingredient will also give you different level of smoothness. The smoother it is the better!