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Marsau Scott Net Worth; $10 million

Marsau Scott is a reality TV personality and a real estate agent in America. He is well-known for his appearance on the reality show OWN Love & Marriage: Huntsville. Marsau is a professional commercial contractor professionally. Nowadays, he is working in a construction company, Scholt Industries. He performed a central role on the reality show Love & Marriage. In 2024, Marsau Scott net worth is around $10 million.

Biography of Marsau Scott

Name: Marsau Scott
Nick Name: Marceau
Gender: Male
Birth Place: Alabama, United States
Date of Birth: October 17, 1979
Birthday: October 17
Age: 44 years old
Nationality: American
Height: 5 ft 10 inch
Weight: 75 kg
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: Black
Religion: Christianity
Spouse: LaTisha
Children: Marsau Jr, Maci, and Milla
Profession: Television Personality and Real Estate Agent
Net Worth: $10 million

Early Life and Educational Background

Marsau Scott was born on October 17, 1979. His birthplace was Alabama, United States of America. He grew up in Alabama. He has a sibling brother named Maurice. His brother was an elder of Marsau.

His brother also appeared on the reality show Love & Marriage. Marsau started work on real estate projects with his brother. After some time, his brother turned his focus on the law. These things helped Marsau to become a real estate agent.

Between 2000 to 2004, he attended Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University. He also attended the University of Alabama for higher education in Project Management and completed it in 2020.

Professional Career

Appearance at TV reality show

Marsau Scott started his career as a Television personality in 2019. When he appeared on the reality show OWN Love & Marriage. After appearing in the show, Marsau became a Television figure. On January 12, 2019, he started to appear on the reality show. He met on the reality show with the other members of the show. The members were Martell Holt, Melody Holt, Maurice Scott, and Kimmi Scott.

Controversy of Season First

Maurice fought with a fellow contestant, Martell Holt, and gave strong statements about him during the first season. Martell Holt said that Maurice cheated on his wife, LaTisha. He had a relationship with his wife with twenty other women. At this statement, Maurice refused.

Sorting the issue with the help of Social Media

Martell Holt also straightened his statement by saying that he had seen with his own eyes that Marsau was cheating on his wife LaTisha, and his wife got upset. The mother of LaTisha supported her daughter and son-in-law, Marsau, and defended them by helping social media platforms.

Appearance in the Second Season of a TV Reality Show

The first season was very controversial, and people thought, “Would Marsau return to the second season?” On June 11, 2020, the second season started. Marsau Scott appeared on the show.

Recently Working in the Season Third

Nowadays, Marsau Scott is a member of the show. He also appeared in the third season of the reality show. On January 30, 2021, the first episode started of the show. Marsau and his wife LaTisha have become very popular with two other couples.

Personal Life and Children

Marsau Scott is a married person. He married a real estate developer, LaTisha Scott. They both married on September 2, 2006. They gave birth to three children named Marsau Jr, Maci, and Milla. In their lives, there were many ups and downs. They never thought to be separated. They are together nowadays and have become a powerful couple of Love & Marriage: Huntsville.

Marsau Scott Net Worth

Marsau Scott is a Television reality star and real estate agent in America. His estimated net worth is about $10 million. He earns this money through a reality show and real estate business.

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