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Matt Mauser Net Worth; $18.4 million

Matt Mauser is a famous singer and songwriter in America. He founded a party/rock band, Tijuana Dogs. Some years before, he lost his wife, Christina, in a helicopter crash. Kobe Bryant was also with her. In 2024, Matt Mauser net worth is around $18.4 million.

Nowadays, he has given an audition at American Got Talent. Here, he gave an emotional performance of the song of Phil Collin. The song was Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now). He sang many hit songs in his career history.

Biography of Matt Mauser

Name: Matt Mauser
Nick Name: Mauser
Gender: Male
Birth Place: United States
Date of Birth: 1974
Age: 51 years old
Nationality: American
Height: 5 ft 7 inch
Weight: 75 kg
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Religion: Christianity
Spouse: Christina
Children: Three Children
Profession: Singer and Songwriter
Net Worth: $18.4 million

Early Life and Educational Background

Matt Mauser was born in the United States of America. He has been fond of music since childhood. Matt listened to the music of famous artists of that time.

His father played a guitar, and he used to see him for hours. He learned to play the guitar from his father and made his lyrics to the songs of Elvis when he was a child.

When Matt was seven, he started to sell speakers and stereos to help his uncle at the Orange County Swap. Along with helping his uncle, he also worked on music.

He visited music bands like Aerosmith, Queen, The Beatles, Zeppelin, and Van Helen. When her mother saw her fond of her son in music, she gifted him a guitar on his eighth birthday.

Matt Mauser studied at the high school. He also attended a college for his higher studies. Matt took his passion to his college and school life. He participated in taboos and dramas of college functions.

Beginning of Career

Matt Mauser started his career as a musician and singer at a young age. He wanted to found a music band. Matt completed his graduation and started a band very soon. Along with his passion for music, he has been fond of swimming and water pool playing.

Establishment of Rock Band

In 1997, Matt Mauser wanted to turn his dream into reality when he founded the party/rock band called Tijuana Dogs. He created a band with the help of his friend, Marcos de la Cruz. In 1998, his college guitar teacher, Dave Murdy, and his long-time friend, Rick Deeb, entered the group Tijuana Dogs.

Working on music band, Tijuana Dogs

The music band of Matt Mauser started performing at different parties, weddings, gatherings, and other events. Matt became most popular in the music of Frank Sinatra while attending different parties. He met a famous musician and producer, Pete Jacobs, in 2005. He met Pete Jacobs with the reference of his bandmate, Dave Murdy. In 2011, Pete Jacobs gave Matt the idea of creating a band of Frank Sinatra.

Establishing of Sinatra Tribute Band

Matt and Pete started working together on music and recording vocals. Their company was the very best. They formed a good partnership and created the body of young Frank Sinatra. They also formed a band named Sinatra Tribute Band. This band collected the attention of the fans and followers of Frank Sinatra all around the world.

Appearing at the American Got Talent Show

Matt Mauser matched Frank Sinatra with modern music to create a twist of songs to attract fans. He wanted to mix up the music of Frank Sinatra with modern music. Nowadays, Matt appeared in the American Got Talent show. In this show, he shocked the audience and judges by performing the song, Phil Collins Against All Odds.

Personal Life and Children

Matt Mauser is a married person. He married to Christina. In January 2020, she died in a helicopter crash. She was a basketball coach. They met for the first time when Matt was performing at the dive bar in 2004. Matt thought that he would spend his whole life with her. They spent a lot of time talking about music. They were married 15 years before passing away of her. They both have three children.

Matt Mauser Net Worth

Matt Mauser is a singer and songwriter in America. He earns most of his money through his music career and singing. His estimated net worth is about $18.4 million. He has a partnership with many brands and companies.

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