Men’s Jewelry – How to Add it to your Signature Style

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Men’s Jewelry

Men’s jewelry is not a new concept. From the days of kings and royal courts, accessories have symbolized everything from status to religion. Today, men’s jewelry is an indispensable part of the fashion-minded – a projection of finer tastes. If you are looking to add some flash to your outfit, here are some tips and recommendations.

Men’s Bracelets:

Bracelets come in limitless styles. They aren’t just for the ladies; there are lots of motifs and designs created especially for the masculine look. Because they lack the functionality of a watch, bracelets accentuate the outfit rather than take the spotlight so they need to be subtle and classy. In many cultures, bracelets are an integral part of traditional wear and these tribal and folk emblems have made their way into modern fashion too.

If you are a backpacker exploring the hidden beaches of a tropical country, you can get away with beaded and threaded bracelets but unless you are trying to make a distinct subculture statement or your bracelet is a special piece with deep meaning – invest in precious metals. Check out trending men’s gold bracelets and more ways to accessories. One basic rule when buying men’s bracelets is – the heavier it is, the tighter it should be. You don’t want a metal chain sliding up and down your arm with every movement you make. The novelty will die off quickly as the discomfort sets in.

Bracelets look good with short sleeves – stick to one. Do not wear a heavy bracelet on the same hand as your watch – that creates a very imbalanced, clunky look and your accessories will be competing for attention rather than adding to your outfit.

Necklaces for Men:

After bracelets, necklaces are another accessory that modern conformity has confined to the woman’s wardrobe. But necklaces do have a place in the urban man’s outfit.

The fundamental rule of men’s jewelry applies to necklaces – pick up a piece that compliments the rest of what he wears. Men’s jewelry should never be the centerpiece. Necklaces should have a rugged finish – a combination of expensive and ageless. They shouldn’t look like they just came out of the store – a vintage sheen always helps. If you like your bling and wear urban casuals, you can always go for the brighter pieces.

For a more subdued dress code like formals or smart casuals, the hue of the necklace should be gentler, one that soaks in light instead of reflecting all of it back. Necklaces can be something as simple as a dog tag – used in the military. Plain chains of gold or platinum are also a popular, safe choice. They go great with a solid tee and a light blazer – ideal for brunch at the marina but not recommended for the boardroom. The loop size is important – smaller loops make the chain look more solid and is preferred for men’s fashion.

You can get a pendant attached to a chain. From religious symbols to a portrait of a loved one (just like the old movies), you can experiment – you are basically adding an accessory to your accessory! If you are inked and have been hitting the gym, add a rope or hemp cord necklace with a V-neck shirt.  Stay away from this look if you have not been catching up on the cardio. Here is some more advice on men’s necklaces.

Male Earrings:

Another cool accessory is the male earring. It can be a single piece or you can wear the piercings on both ears. Ear studs are more sedate and sophisticated – they play with the light and are not noticeable all the time. Silver, platinum, and gold are preferred metals as they are safe for your skin. Men don’t change their earrings constantly so pick up something that will be with you for a long time.

A small diamond stud would stand out more than a plain ring. Small hoops can still be worn with formal clothing but ensure it is not so large that it falls below your ears. Hoop earrings in general work with simple casuals like jeans and a tee. You can also experiment with different hat styles to compliment the earring.

Finger Rings:

This next item is a more common accessory for men. Finger rings come in a universe of styles – from simple bands to large fat rings with designs emblazoned or stones added.

How you wear your ring is very important. Which hand should you wear a ring on? Apart from wedding bands, the rest can ideally be worn anywhere. We would recommend prioritizing practicality. Your dominant hand might feel a little obstructed if you have just started wearing rings so pick the other one.

Pinky finger rings are casual and don’t carry any symbolic meaning. Although there are no rules to it, avoid the wedding ring finger if you are not married. Middle finger rings and index finger rings can be a bit bulky and affect your dexterity. However, these fingers on your non-dominant hand (usually left) can carry the rings in style. Thumb rings will be wider and larger – they are often considered a sign of prosperity. There is a lot of symbolism attached to finger rings– you can scan through to find out more.

When buying rings the rule of thumb (no pun intended) is that larger rings are suited to larger hands. Finger rings and bare wrists make an incomplete picture – so wear a watch or bracelet too.  Just like you attend to your colour combinations, jewelry too should not clash. Your watch and bracelet should compliment your rings. Different white metal tones will not have the same aesthetic appeal as a dark metal finish juxtaposing silver, or a gold and silver combo.

Jewelry and Skin Tone:

A golden rule when choosing jewelry for men is matching the metal to the skin tone. Your skin has a cool tone if your veins are visible and silver is recommended. Gold works for a warm skin tone, where the veins are not very visible.

Jewelry for men is often an overlooked section when it comes to fashion. Catch up on the latest trends and use the tips above to choose the best piece.