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Offset is a 28-year-old American rapper, a songwriter, and an actor. His real name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus. But his fans named him Offset. His nickname is Freakazode or off.

He was born in Georgia in 1991. In 2008, he started his career with two of his cousins, Quavo, and takeoff. The trio worked in a hip hop and trapped music polo club, but they renamed it Migos. Though takeoff, who was Quavo’s uncle, left the Migos later.

He has worked with many fine actors and songwriters to date. Kiari was also listed in the nomination list as the best rapper in Grammy awards in 2020.

Early life

At a very young age, Offset’s father left him. Quavo’s mother did his upbringing. He spends most of his childhood in the company of Quavo and takeoff, and because of their bonding, they formed their hip-hop group Migos in 2008. Initially, Migos was known as the polo club, but the trio decided to change it because it was too familiar.

They first released just in 2011, but it never caught the public eye. However, in 2013 they released their single, Versace which made them famous.

Early music career

Early music career

At the start of Migo’s career, the group gained tremendous recognition as soon as they released their 2013 single “Versace.”  Yung Rich Nation was the first album released in 2015 by the Migos.

Bad and Boujee became an instant hit on the internet with record-breaking downloads and peaked at number 1 on the US hot 100 charts. Following that, the trio released their second album, Culture in 2017, which was ranked number one on the US Billboard 200 chart.

Offset worked with many other artists and released many solos. He worked with Drake and was featured in the song No complaints in June 2017, and yet again in September, he paid his contribution in the song willy Wonka alongside Macklemore.

In October 2017, offset released his joint album without warning with rapper 21 and producer metro boomin. The album was ranked number 4 on the US billboard.

The most hit song of the album was Rick Flair Dip, which was offsets solo. Later he released his solo album Father of Four, where he worked with his future wife, Cardi B.

Awards in the musical profession

in 2018, his future wife, Cardi B, was nominated by the BET social awards for the category of Baywatch.

Again in 2020, offset was nominated by the Grammy awards as the best rapper performance over the hit song, Clouts, which yet again featured Cardi B.

Acting career

Offset also had an interest in filmography but appeared in few. He first appeared in one of the episodes of Atlanta. Later in 2019, he made his debut in Hot one’s series YouTube show. He also appeared in NCIS Los Angeles.

His love for sports made him invest in a faze clan. He also appeared in faze clan YouTube shows.

Personal life

Offset had many relationships previous to Cardi B. He had four children. Two sons and two daughters. He started dating cardi b in 2017. He proposed to her during a live concert in Pennsylvania.

Offset had many relationships previous to Cardi B

They dated for a year and decided to marry in September 2017. They expected their first daughter in July 2018. However, due to some circumstances, they broke up in late 2018.

Legal issues

During his early life, offset had committed Bulgary and thefts. It was long before his success. However, when he joined Migos and started gaining recognition, he was confined to the county jail for not following his probation rules.

In the summer of 2018, offset and group members were stopped from performing at a university concert. The authorities arrested compensated for keeping unscheduled two narcotics, marijuana, and firearm within the school safety zone.

In custody, he was yet again charged for violating the rules of a penal facility. He was accused of starting a fight with one of the inmates.

During the hearing, the trio offset, takeoff, and Quaro were denied bail. Offset attorney tried his best to save offset from jail, but all the accusations against him were correct.

However, after eight months of jail, he was released over the Alford plea deal. He was dropping all his previous charges to accept that he violated the rules of the panel facility by initiating a fight with the fellow inmate.

However, back to back in 2016, he was again arrested for keeping suspended arms, but the charges were relaxed the other day, and in 2019 he was again accused of the possession of three handguns.

Offset Net worth and source of income

As of 2021, Offset has an estimated net worth of $30 million. Offset has given many hits in the previous years.

He also worked as an actor. Along with his cousins, he made their group Migo which gained fame after releasing their album Yung wealthy nation, which was number 3 on us rap chart, number 5 on us r and b, and 17 on billboard 200 chart.

Their first album was a significant hit even in Canada and was certified platinum. Their major single hit was the top 1 on billboard 100. Again, offset album without warning was number 1 on us rap chart.

For one year they gained a net worth of 30 million dollars. Their cut off gain is approx. 8 million dollars. It is to be believed that the Migos performed 93 shows for 12 months. This made them increase their bank balance and fame. They are the most-streamed acts on this earth.

Since September 2018, they have an estimated net worth of 36 million dollars, which is a huge one. On the other, he also worked with many famous fashion designers like Bulloch and Screven counties.


Offset has made multiple contributions to the rapping industry. He has helped several child stars achieve their dream of music by supporting them.

His net worth exceeds 36 million dollars, not just from music, but also from the fact that he keeps himself busy in marketing brands and franchises.