10 Ways To Protect Your Mobile Phones In 2017

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Protect Your Mobile Phones In 2017

Mobile is a most common and most often device used by every person in every walk of life and most people rely on their mobile device to perform their daily activities and to stay in touch with others. Mobile contains personal information like name, address, income and much more than this. After the invention of smartphones, privacy risk becomes more as it contains much more information than simple mobile hand set because most of the social apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are installed on the smart phone which contains highly sophisticated and sensitive data.

Smartphones are expensive, it not only needs to protect it internally but also needs to protect it externally or physically.

1) Physical protection of phone:

Physical protection of smartphone is also important and mandatory. The smart phone will be appealing if it has a good outer look. They have touch screens as touch screens are sensitive so glass protector should be used to protect the touch screen. The back side of the mobile phone is also covered with phone case to secure it from damaged and wrecked. iPhone accessories in Pakistan like scratch-resistant protective film, anti-finger print protective film, silicone nature TPU case etc. are used by most of the iPhone users for the maintenance of their phones. Smartphone users also use Samsung cases in Pakistan for such purpose.

2) Phone lock:

To protect your phone in order to keep it away from unknown persons or you don’t want to share your personal information with others as it may miss use by others. Phone lock is the best and simple option to protect your privacy. You only need to set up a password or pattern in your mobile settings.

3) Backup phone data:

Connect your smart phone device to its related cloud service in order to maintain backup data of your phone automatically. In a case that you don’t rely on cloud service then you should connect to a PC, to sync data daily in order to secure photos, videos, apps and such other important documents.

4) Anti-virus software:

Anti-virus should be installed on your device as it helps in protection against the malware attack and some antivirus apps also provide an opportunity to locate your phone if you lost your phone. Antivirus helps to keep your phone cool as most of the time phone becomes hot due to the excessive use. These apps play a positive role in order to clean your device from junk data.

5) Tracking software:

Tracking of a phone is the good approach to make your phone secure. Mobile data is crucial as it contains photographs, notes, and other private data.

Android and iOS both have had tracking software incorporated with your phones if phone gets lost or stolen. iPhone users can find their device, remotely clean the device, lock the screen and lock the activation then device can’t be reactivated.

6) Tile Mate Bluetooth key finder:

Use a Tile Mate Bluetooth key finder as an additional safety measure and attach it to the device which you frequently use like key or bag, it will help you if you ever lose or misplace your phone.

The Tile application will automatically record the last place and time it saw the thing the tile is joined to. You can also utilize this app to find your phone. By only push of the button on the tile, your phone will be able to ring instantly.


7) Don’t use third-party apps:

If you are iPhone user, you don’t have a lot of choices to use third-party app but if you are Android users relying on Google Play then as a safety measure don’t allow apps from unknown sources. If you have to use third-party app, investigate enough by reading reviews before download that you are not getting a malicious one and if app requests excessively to personal information then don’t download it.

8) Don’t use public Wi-Fi:

Public Wi-Fi is available at most of the public places. You have to use public Wi-Fi carefully as public Wi-Fi is integrally insecure, so don’t try to make transactions and transmit sensitive information through utilizing it.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) service is a better option to transmit sensitive data as it encrypts your data transfer and keep your information anonymous.

9) Don’t use third-party charger cord:

Using a third-party charger is not a good habit to charge your phone as there is a possibility that it can damage your phone’s ports and may cause overheating of the phone during charging. There might be a case that it may affect your battery performance.

10) Bluetooth non-discoverable mode:

Bluetooth is not so much risky for mobile users due to its short-range accessibility but there is a risk as hackers have lots of techniques to access your phone remotely and miss use it to make a call, access private data and browse internet. It’s better to stay away from hackers by setting default Bluetooth configuration to the non-discoverable mode when Bluetooth is not in use.

Now days, nighty percent of the people are dependent on their phones and it has a lot of importance in their lives. Maintenance and cautionary measures are required for the protection of such gadget and devices. Mobile protection plans assure you to work your mobile properly and appropriately.