Sad Quotes About Death That Will Make You Cry

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People are too busy making a living to spend a life that they often forget that death also awaits for them. Death exists as much as life does, and indeed it is the most essential and inevitable part of life. We can never escape from it, and nobody could.

Whoever has come into the world, willingly or on willingly, must have to taste demise. There are many names in every profession and field who had achieved uncountable victories but could not escape from death. Graveyards are full of people who once used to be so crucial for their loved ones.

Make sure to make the most of your life by making your and others’ lives as good as possible. Small gestures of kindness never let you die in the hearts of people, even if you leave the world.

A body dies, but the character stays. Good or bad, we will all be remembered because of the acts of kindness or vice versa.

Here we have some quotes that will make you realize how precious one life is and how to make the most use of it by not ignoring those acts that we think are useless.

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Death Quotes

1. To any well-organized person, death is just the next adventure.

2. We all have to die one day, so let’s live every day the way we want to.

3. Don’t spend life following rules set by others. You only get to live once.

4. The death fear follows from the life fear. Who has lived life to its fullest is not afraid of death.

5. Death doesn’t end a relationship. It just ends a life.

6. It has been said that life flashes in front of the eyes of a dead victim before dying. That’s true. That’s called life.

7. Don’t be afraid of scars, and they are proof that you are a fighter and you have lived a life.

8. Never fear death. We all have been dead for million years before being born, and it was not bad at all.

9. Go and seek a great perhaps.

10. Things you lose in life always have a way of coming back to you in the end. Just not how you expected it to be.

11. People who do not express themselves die a little every day.

12. If you can die for someone, then why can’t you live for them?

13. Death is more sincere than life. Life once has to leave you forever, just like death once has to catch you forever.

14. We all live twice. Once when we are born and once when we see the face of death.

15. Someone once asked, does it hurt to meet death? The reply was, it hurts more to stay alive.

16. Death is a terrible final, yet life is indeed an ocean of possibilities.

17. If you have lived to the fullest, you will not be afraid of dying.

18. We all die a little every night when we sleep. And every morning we wake up is a new life that is full of possibilities and opportunities.

19. Sleep is a little slice of death. Be prepared for the real one.

20. Someone asked, does it hurt to die? Not at all! You fall dead more quickly than you fall asleep.

21. Life is difficult, but death brings peace.

22. How do people spend a life without love? They are dead already.

23. Love makes you stay alive forever in the hearts, even if you have died physically.

24. Death is not the opposite of life. Death is the most crucial part of it.

25. Life is indeed pleasant, just like death is peaceful. It’s just the transition that is troublesome.

26. When you die, people come and put a bunch of flowers on you every Sunday. Who needs flowers after dying? Nobody!

27. Nobody will ever realize why they are alive until they find out what they would die.

28. Your time in this world is limited. Don’t waste it to gain approvals from those who are not in your shoes.

29. Dying has no difference in traveling from one room to another. But you might see a whole new world when you die. Who knows what’s yet to come?

30. Those who live life to its fullest are least bothered to be caught by death.

31. Every person’s life ends in the same way. The only thing that differentiates isthe way how they both lived.

32. As a human, you have to die one day. Make sure not to let humanity in you die before you die an actual death.

33. Death doesn’t kill a person if he’s alive in someone’s heart.

34. A person with outward courage dares to taste death. And a man with a sign of inward courage dares to experience life.

35. The most authentic meaning of life is that it once stops forever.

36. There are a lot of people in the world who died years ago before they are buried.

37. One must not be afraid of dying. It is not living that must scare you.

38. It is far better to burn out instead of fading away.

39. Never fear to taste death, for the sooner you die, the more taste of being immortal will you be able to feel.

40. A heart with no traces of love and hope will kill you before life leaves you.

41. Nothing lasts forever. We have to play our roles and then leave this world anyhow.

42. We know the value of things when we are about to lose them. Learn to pay attention to the blessings when you are alive.

43. There is always a light at the end of every tunnel. But who knows if that’s the light of a flame thrower?

44. A life without a scent of love is not a life worth living. We all need to find true love before we die where even death cannot separate us after death.

45. Of course, everything dies forever. It’s just sometimes that people are slept in the graves and forgotten.

46. Stay in my heart until I meet you in another world.

47. Nobody owns a life. Those who hold the courage to stand up for themselves have truly lived before dying.

48. The truth is we all live until we die. But the sad part is, we all love illusions more than reality.

49. Death is neither a curse nor a gift. It is the actual best friend that is waiting for us since we’re born.


Life is indeed a mirage, and death is not a hallucination at all. No matter how bad we try to run away, we can’t escape from death—those who have lived to the fullest never die in the hearts of people.

Life is a precious gift that cannot be substituted with anything at any cost. Make sure to bring out the best in what you have got so that when death comes, it’s just your body that dies, but you always stay alive in your hearts as a person.

Death is the most bitter yet most factual reality of life that nobody can avoid. We must ensure that we have extract joy from every single moment that is gifted to us. We all die once, but we live every day.