Reliable Ideas For Storing Your Valuables In A Self Storage Unit

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Self Storage Unit

It’s truly essential for you to learn the art of packing your valuables in the storage units to keep them safe. However, when it comes to storing your belongings in a storage unit the first thing that you have to do is select the best storage facility in your area, which can offer you all the vital amenities. So the rule of the thumb is whether you are looking forward to renting a climate controlled unit to secure temperature sensitive items or general storage unit, you must choose the right facility in the first place.

Therefore, once you select a reliable facility among the many options that are available in your city, you can then focus on packing your belongings safely. Most people overlook the significance of packing, and because of that, they end up damaging their valuables.

So, if you are shifting to a new home or you are moving to a new city, here’s how to pack your valuables effectively.

Use Quality Boxes:

One of the most vital parts of packing your household items while securing them in a storage facility is to use top-notch boxes. Make sure that they do not damage when you stack them in the storage facility. And to make that happen, always pick boxes that are strong enough to handle the pressure of your items.

While talking about selecting the right boxes, it is utterly crucial for you to pay attention to their size. People who fail to focus on this aspect, face a lot of problems. For selecting the kind of boxes you want, you have to consider the items you are planning to store into them in the first place.

Label Your Boxes:

Label Your Boxes

For the easy identification of your items when you access them months later, it is crucial that you label your storage boxes appropriately. You can use your creativity while labeling containers; for example, you can use different colors for different types of items such as you can use the red color for books and documents.

On the other hand, if you want to make it even easier, you can note down all the items that you are storing in a box in a white paper, and stick it on top of it.  If you do this, it will make your search quite easy when you will approach the facility in the future to access your belongings.

So, while labeling the boxes make sure that you have all the essential materials with you such as markers, glue, and masking tape, etc.

Store Large Items At The Bottom:

In case you are planning to store different kinds of items in the same box, then make sure that you place all the large ones on the bottom. It is one of the best ways to use the space effectively.

If Possible, Keep Frequently Used Items In One Box:

It’s utterly vital to choose a right box to keep all the crucial items that you need frequently. It will make it easier for you to access them when you need them. For example; you can store travel supplies (like hiking gear, tents and sleeping bags, ropes, and backpacks), holiday items, and crucial documents, etc., in one box.

Try To Pick Most Boxes In the Same Size:

Try To Pick Most Boxes In the Same Size

If it is possible for you to pick the same size boxes for most of the items, then it’s better to do that because it helps in arranging them. You can’t stack them effectively if they are in different sizes.

Create A Checklist For All The Boxes:

Create a detailed checklist that contains information about the items in each box. While storing your belongings, make sure you assign the number to each container so that you do not face any problem while making the checklist. It is crucial when you have to find items that you need all of a sudden. It’s hard to remember where you have placed a particular thing; therefore, it’s better to have a master checklist with you.

Clean Appliances Before Storing Them:

If you are planning to store household appliances like a refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, and microwave oven, etc., then make sure you clean them properly before packing them.

Besides, it is essential to use bubble wrap to fill the remaining space in the box to keep your belongings safe.