7 Tips To Sell Your Car Online

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Sell Your Car Online

The Internet has made it possible to sell your car online, as it is considered as a quick and easy way of car selling in the UAE. Car market of the UAE is very dynamic and new cars are launching every other day, laced with latest safety and technology features, which entices the car owners to sell the old car and get the new one.

Useful Tips to Sell Your Car Online:

Car selling can be hassle-free and convenient if sellers have some knowledge of the process. Car selling in the UAE requires sellers to know some basic tips to sell your car online, we have gathered the basic tips which can lead to a guaranteed and profitable sale.

Know the Value of your Car:

Sell your car online for cash can be possible if you already have an idea about the worth of your car. A market survey helps you to put your car on a realistic price tag according to its condition, demand in market and features. Pricing your car right leads to a quick and hassle-free sale. You can check classified websites for similar car, visit the car market and show car to dealers or use an online car value calculator for a quick estimate.

Prepare Your Car:

Preparing the car prior to selling your car online is very important. A car which looks best in condition attracts more buyers. A clean car from inside out gives a very good impression on serious buyers and add more value to the deal. It is a fact that to sell your car online for cash is not possible if the car is dirty and requires a lot of maintenance. Presentation matters a lot to get a good price for your car.

Advertising your Car:

A clean car needs to have good photographs as well. High-quality photos, at least 40 photos from all angles, let the buyers have a closer look at your car from all angles and every detail. When you sell a car for free online through classifieds, it is suggested by car experts to post good photos of your car, put all necessary details in your ad so that buyers can have better knowledge of your vehicle.

Assembling Paperwork and Documents:

Every car can be sold easily if it has all its essential paperwork done before. A potential buyer may ensure before buying your vehicle that it has all required documents. Also, after finalising the deal, you are required to transfer vehicle on buyer’s name which needs all original documents of the car.

Selling Car through Online Classifieds:

It is necessary to know where you should post ads to sell your car online for cash. Advertising your car online is a method to sell a car for free online and is considered quick as well. Since most of us are not expert in the car selling it is necessary to understand that which classified website can be the most suitable and reasonable option. Always look for testimonials and reviews on a website to sell your car online. Many of the online classified websites let you sell your car for free, but a few may charge a nominal fee to make an account or post an ad.

Once your ad goes live, the buyers will start contacting and this will also include non-serious buyers. But you never know who is going to finally seal the deal with you, thus sellers must be polite with buyers contacting to inspect your car. Moreover, when buyers come to inspect your car you must check their identity card and driving license. Do not give your car for a test drive alone and always ensure your safety while going for a test drive with potential buyers.

Selling Car through Social Media Platforms:

There are many dealers in the market who are running online platforms for car selling as well. Moreover, many buyers and sellers can connect through social media platforms and may get tempted by your posted ads. Thus, sellers must be very careful and should not think that this is the last resort. Few buyers might try to bargain the final price, but do not forget the UAE car market is huge and thus you can find a right buyer too.

Selling Car to Buying Specialists:

Car buying specialist companies in the UAE are one of the best places to sell your car online for cash. Like many other online platforms such as Carmudi and Dubizzle car buying specialist like SellAnyCar.com are particularly working to buy your cars online. Car selling process is made simple so that anyone could sell their car, no matter if they are selling a used car for the first time.

The sellers are required to fill an online form and get an estimate of their used car. If they like the estimated price, a free appointment can be booked from there. The sellers are required to visit the nearest branch and can sell their cars after a physical inspection is done a final price is quoted.


All methods of selling cars online have some drawbacks and advantages too. To sell your car online, all sellers must be aware of the fact that there are no hard and fast rules of selling cars except a few. Ensuring your safety is a must thing to do and rest the seller must be able to apprehend and scan buyers and choose the best option.