Weight loss Tips Win

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Weight loss Tips Win

There is no shortcut to lose weight, but it can have “jump start”, is a quick start. In fact, those “perennial” weight loss female friends, all should know that weight loss is the rarest late adhere to and develop a healthy lifestyle.

I have vacation time to read it a pile on the weight loss, fitness, Fat Burn article. In the United States each year in December and January, everywhere on how to lose weight article. With their own experiences here in the past, recommended a few easy success “secret.” However, before the beginning, to understand their own health status, are in any doubt consult a doctor the best.

1) Low-carbohydrate Diet Two Weeks:

Eat less carbohydrates will immediately let you reduce the swelling and water weight, so you thin ring within a few days. This is not a long-term solution, it is only two weeks. Here that carbohydrates are cereals and sugar, does not include fresh fruits and vegetables, starchy foods (sweet potato, peony, beans), but the thing is to eat less starch). Do not eat preserved fruit, dried fruit because the small size sugar high. Do not drink any soft drinks. If you must do the calculation Korea the amount of carbohydrates per day (the first two weeks) should not exceed 50-60 grams. Fruit is best limited to two to eat, such as a medium-sized apple and one orange; later you can eat, mainly because of relatively high sugar content reasons. Note added protein, because your body still needs energy and nutrients, and proteins can be tube fed for a long time you is not easy to loss of muscle (muscle consume more calories than fat), and proteins to help break down the fat role.

2) Drink Plenty of Water 12-16 Cups:

Usually, drink eight glasses of water a day to say that Korea’s time to step up in weight. Try to drink, do not drink coffee, you can drink green tea, oolong tea. A glass of water is 240 ml, so you plan to look at the morning and drink along with a large glass of lemonade, and then have another drink before breakfast, before lunch, drink 20 minutes before lunch, another cup of tomato juice (said to be able to help speed up the metabolism, I tried, that the result is good, but more probably because the resulting feeling of security). Drink plenty of water can help the body rid of toxic substances can also help “melt” fat. Milk, soy milk can’t be considered in water, but you drink 12-16 cups is not enough, then they can barely make up the numbers. You will find a lot of visits to the toilet, but also to force me up and do more activities of a-lay, Hehe. overweight-lose weight provides a variety of weight loss methods, teach you how to lose weight fast.

3) Exercise in The Morning:

Overweight lose weight provides a variety of weight loss methods, teach you how to lose weight fast.

There are several advantages, first, to get up early though painful, but you put the year’s most painful thing (exercise) first solved in one day will be a very good feeling. Fasting morning exercise, relatively easy to burn up the fat as energy, rather than muscle to store energy, not just eat carbohydrates. Therefore, the first two weeks of eating fewer carbohydrates truth so that the body must be obtained from the accumulation of fat inside the energy to help maximize the Dietary Fat Reduction. The morning because of an empty stomach, so exercise is not so strong, brisk walking, aerobic exercise such as aerobics more appropriate, strength-type exercise may not be suitable, otherwise, they will see stars. Morning exercise a day can also improve your metabolism, so adjustments to work and rest time, 30 minutes to get up early, exercise perhaps give some thought. Exercising with bike then have to walk 20-25 minutes.

4) To Find Partners to Lose Weight:

Some people lose weight every day and your experiences and progress of the discussion, mutual supervision, and more than one person alone are easier. And the best is that you can see a person every day, so that everyone’s weight loss at a glance, are less likely to get lazy lax.

5: Fat Burn Exercise Fangled:

Overweight-lose weight provides a variety of weight loss methods, teach you how to lose weight fast.

If you can’t exercise the morning, the other time to exercise should first relatively light 20-minute strength training, do aerobic exercise. Because the body is usually 20 minutes after the start using the total energy stored in fat, so you start brisk walking or jogging stroller, they begin to burn fat, and my mind to think this way feels the good feeling.

6) At Intervals of 2.5 to 3 Hours To Eat Some Food:

5 meals a day instead of 3 meals. So that you do not feel too hungry, of course, every meal is not eating and drinking as much as possible balanced, but the time to work harder, it more than a little yogurt, milk, fruit to eat (grilled salt-free soy is a good snack choice); weekend and then do something good to eat rich food.

7) Reward Yourself:

One day in the week to eat some of their favourite food, if the heat is not excessive like that day. Girls should be no more than 1,500 calories. Weight loss is also a pay and reward process, and other hard work too far too painful, so the words do not stand a few days.

The following dish is also tube-fed nutritious food. Would like to highlight, I wrote a salt is optional because it helps eliminate and then to eat less sodium. Does taste come from? From spices such as pepper, arithmetic, chili powder, ginger and so on. And light food can help you “forget” to eat a while before the greasy, high-sugar, high starch food. With the water, you will find the first few days on the toilet so many times, the body will light a lot of it.

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