Buying A Bed Frame? The Perfect Bed Buyer’s Guide

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The perfect bed really makes your bedroom. It is the total focus of the room’s function and overall style, so when it’s wrong, it’s definitely wrong. You want to find a model that blends seamlessly with the whole room, pairs well with your mattress and gives you an amazing nights sleep, every single night. So, with such high expectations, it is absolutely not a task to be taken lightly. If you’re looking for that perfect bed frame to make your room feel like the relaxing haven that it’s meant to be, read on! You’ll find the right fit in no time:

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Take Your Measurements

The key to finding the right bed is understanding your space! Yes, we’d all love to recline on a luxurious triple size Queen bed every night, but sadly, if you don’t have space, you simply can’t have the bed. Taking the time to understand your bedroom’s measurements will save you so much hassle down the line. Seriously, so much. So, its time to whip out that measuring tape and get down to the numbers business.

Note the entire perimeter of your room and bring it with you every time you look at a frame. This step depends on you buying your mattress at the same time as your frame, if you already have a mattress then, chances are, you’ll have one that fits your room (hopefully). To pair your new frame with an older mattress, just measure it and take these numbers with you on your search.

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Get Personal

Your bedroom is your own little sanctuary, tucked away from the crazy noise of the outside world. Because this is the most personal room of your home by far, you really should pick a bed frame that works with your own style! Obviously, if you’re sharing a bed frame, you’ll need to select something that works for both parties! Explore your options for materials and colours to find a frame that you love. Remember, when in doubt, you really can’t go wrong with a classic timber bed frame – it’s totally timeless and goes with absolutely everything.

Try Before You Buy!

It is very important to take yourself into the store before you buy your bed frame. The internet is so tempting when you can add that dream frame to cart, all from the comfort of your warm, welcoming couch. But please reader, beware! You never know how strong, durable or comfy this frame is going to be. Also factor in problems like noise and weight-bearing abilities, you need to have a small try before you buy. Feeling the frame, taking a seat and having a close look at the joinery will avoid you regretting it all when you put together that flat pack frame that looked so perfect online!

Mattresses Matter

This one isn’t exciting, but boy is it important! Your mattress doesn’t just work with a bed frame by magic, you need to pick and pair these together. Of course, if you have your own mattress already then, your choices are limited. If you happen to be lucky and you’re buying both at the exact same time, you have a little more freedom, yay! You can choose between slats and box spring frames. Box springs are contained within the base and provide support from the actual springs and the composition of the frame. Slats are those wooden lines that live beneath, and totally support, your mattress. Look for thick, sturdy slats that are relatively close together as a sign of quality.

By following these professional pointers, you can feel utterly sure that you’ll find the perfect bed frame for your space! Australia is full of amazing providers of even more amazing bed frames, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide and Hobart – wherever you are, you’ll find one for you! Happy sleeping everyone!